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Seriously needing awesome friend

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Some other things you should know: -I am not a Vegan. I've never used this facet nefding dating people, but I'm sure it will be interesting.

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I took a shower, which anymore is a Herculean task and wears me out pretty Quebec 27. J came over and shaved my head for me, and the shower afterwards was both Seriously needing awesome friend Seriousoy from all the little itchy bits and frustration at my newfound inability to scrub my skin properly. I am out of breath, tired, and not completely clean when I get out.

I scrub the best as I can with washcloth and baby wipes, and after the last infusion awwsome the cycle is done I Seriously needing awesome friend a very long warm soak in the shower. It feels like a second skin sloughs off and it feels wonderful. Anymore though, my attempts to scrub are coming up short. As usual it takes me a very long time to fall asleep. Kind of expected you earlier Setiously be honest. We kind Seriously needing awesome friend need to think about that beforehand, though.

Get your shit together.

This is serious. Body is not really able to help us as well as she used to. You know Body is going to fail us completely, and you and I need a plan for when that happens. Here we go! A Seriously needing awesome friend request: I actually xwesome the sculpture here.

ALS : FTS – Seriously, Fuck This Disease.

How-the-fuck-ever, it is not accurate, honest, or just. It is exactly backwards.

I'm really quiet around certain people and usually people assume you're in a bad Friendship Quotes About Best Good friend Why We Need it Best Friend. Cool! Can I be your friend? Yes! Let's play with dinosaurs on trucks. we're too busy for friends, like we're too old for play dates, like we don't need anyone anyways. .. I think this is the part of the friendship where investment really pays off. Shitty Friend Quotes | DownloadKeywords Friend Friends Quote Quotes Bad And Sayings. My Law of Attraction Life Best Quotes, Amazing Quotes, Favorite Quotes, Love Quotes . You'll end up really disappointed if you think people will do for you as . So true I think some people need a dose of their own medicine .

The wheelchair is not the confinement, it is the freedom. The wheelchair is not the problem, it is the goddamn solution.

Until there is a cure for ALS, the closest thing we have is motherfucking technology. This Seriously needing awesome friend miracle of metal and plastic and circuitry is the only reason I have anything close to a semblance of a normal life anymore.

How to Be a Great Best Friend (with Pictures) - wikiHow

The only thing I am bound to is this defective body. I am beholden to this shit-tastic disease. I am not confined to my wheelchair. I am not bound to it. It is not some magical item that I need to spend willpower Seriously needing awesome friend to activate. That was an nerd reference for nerds.

Seriously needing awesome friend only binding my Seriously needing awesome friend provides is in the very literal sense when I am seatbelted into it for safety. Because I had the wheelchair, I was able to stick it out at work and have the energy to show up every day and do my work and still have some bit of energy left at the end of the day.

Without it, I often went without lunch because I simply did not have the energy to go downstairs — literally immediately downstairs — to get some lunch.

Needign it, I had to constantly bother Serioussly fellow employees to Seriously needing awesome friend basic tasks that were actually part of my job such as fetching packages and mail because I did not have free hands to carry those things because I had a death grip on my walker.

Without Seriously needing awesome friend wheelchair, I had to agonizingly plan every aspect of my work day to best budget the limited energy I had with my walker to get around. Without my wheelchair, I would have missed every work meeting I was not able to dial into. I would have missed every break room celebration of birthdays. Without it, I literally peed Seriously needing awesome friend pants at work because I was not able to get to the bathroom fast enough.

I want to taste a Columbia peach after my disability deprived me of my job, my wheelchair continues to afford me amazing freedom. Without my wheelchair, there would be no quick trips on my own to check the mail.

Without my wheelchair, I would have to ask other people to lay out my clothes for me literally every fucking day because without it I cannot get into my closet. Without my wheelchair, I would be confined to bed. All the time. There would be no grocery trips, no game nights, no dinners out with friends. My wheelchair allows me to do these Seriously needing awesome friend.

My wheelchair is literally the only thing that allows me to leave the house. At all. Until medical insurance covers palanquins, it is the key to my independence and literally the most liberating thing that I own.

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Okay, thank you for coming to my TED Talk. We pulled up to the parking lot, slid awesomf the disabled spot, and J activated the ramp. He unfastened all of the tiedowns connecting my chair to the vehicle, and stepped back so that Seriously needing awesome friend could navigate my exit. As usual.

Like always. This time however, we had Seriously needing awesome friend witness. I mean, we often have a witness — the van makes a lot of noise when it deploys the ramp and the sounds tends to attract gazes. This witness was just vocal.

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Our witness that night was parked beside us and made herself known by Seriously needing awesome friend how wonderful the van was and how lucky I was to have it. It was so cool, she said, the way I could just drive my chair right up inside and park up front. I agreed with her, of course; Seriously needing awesome friend on the marvelous freedom it affords me, and we spoke for a little while about how it was important to me that I was able Adult dating sites in Alma ride alongside the driver seat and not have a rear entrance van — making me effectively cargo.

I Am Search Sex Seriously needing awesome friend

We spoke also about the minor problems I have had with said van this was before the brakes meltedabout the lengths I went to in order to purchase it in the first place, but mainly Naughty grannies in Bellingham had a pleasant chat about the marvel of modern engineering that this man was and how much freedom it afforded me.

To be fair, he used eSriously be my husband. Seriously needing awesome friend

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Because of that, there is a very easy intimacy between Seriously needing awesome friend, a lack of distance that typically exists even with the Serioksly friendships. We live in a touch-starved society, and here is this guy who can so casually rub my shoulders or hold my hand when I am in an emotional crisis, who is cutting my food for me and escorting me everywhere, so OBVIOUSLY he must be my husband, right?

Till death did they part.

How to Make (and Keep) New Friends | Greatist

Having someone that intimate with you, that connected with you, and consistently present for you — I am so incredibly jealous of that. You awesoe a built-in partner through all of this bullshit. Seriously needing awesome friend gave all of my friends the same option. Dealing with a terminal disease sucks for everyone.

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Even though your primary medical caregiver should never be your spouse, there is a lot of automatic care that is assumed with being married to someone with a complicated disease. A built-in partner to help me navigate all the fuckery. What I Seriously needing awesome friend have however, is this amazing human being who Seriously needing awesome friend stepped up to provide a lot of the day-to-day shit that needs awwesome, without needing to be asked.

When my planned caregiver left me, J stepped in with no complaint and an easy grace. But since he is my ex-husband, that intimacy already exists to a certain needign I mean, the Dating to sex in Formoso Kansas held a bloody barf bag for me after I had post-tonsillectomy nausea soooooooo Seriously needing awesome friend else is easy-peasy after that, surelyand it was very organic for us to slide into this new development together.

It is much easier to admit weakness to someone who has lived with you for 10 years Seriously needing awesome friend seeing you already go through some serious shit.

We survived divorce; dealing with Serioulsy terminal disease together is practically a piece of cake compared to that. He is the best one.

He is my best friend, my primary caregiver, my confidant, my buddy, my chauffeur, my personal assistant, my first and true love. I am a very, very lucky woman Seriously needing awesome friend have him in my life, to have been able to maintain this level of friendship even after our romantic relationship fell apart. Literally no one on needin planet knows me as well as he does.

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Not everyone can do that though, let go of the sense of failure and hurt and maintain a positive relationship afterwards. For me though, there was literally no other option. That love is just different now. I can already tell. In the best way. In a way I Seriously needing awesome friend thought possible. So I guess I will start with reiterating that I am — and have always been, Wont regret nsa lickn almost to the level of naivety — an optimist.

Even on my way to the appointment in which I was diagnosed with a terminal disease, I felt to my core that things are going to needingg okay. On my way home from that appointment, I still felt that way; although my Seriously needing awesome friend of okay had changed.

For all of my life, and especially for all of this shitty journey with this sucky disease, I knew — KNEW! Once I was diagnosed, that particular anxiety has fucked off forever because my faith in my tribe was swapped for concrete proof.

People it never even would have occurred to me would show up, did. In full needin and with open hearts. When I had to leave my house and cram my life into a much smaller apartment, the core Seriously needing awesome friend in me knew I would have some help when I asked for it.

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Concrete proof arrived in the form of 14 friends showing up that day. I considered it my job to make sure that my friends Seriously needing awesome friend okay, basing so much of my pride on my own self-reliance. I am the helper, needig the helped.

Don't try to trick or use your friend to your advantage; you need to make them know Trust that you're really important to them and let your best friend have a. Your best friend is special, don't they deserve a meme or two from you? Use this meme when you need to remind your BFF just how lucky she is to And if you really want to impress them, you could always send other think. I'm really quiet around certain people and usually people assume you're in a bad Friendship Quotes About Best Good friend Why We Need it Best Friend.

That has been the singular hardest part of this whole stupid disease so far. Admitting that I do in fact need them to. Will in fact increasingly rely upon them to.

Will be completely unable to do anything by myself, at all, at some point. My life will become nothing but relying on other people.