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Ready Sexy Meeting Real guy with smoking fetish looking for women smokers

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Real guy with smoking fetish looking for women smokers

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Waiting for hangout buddy m4w Been going thru a lot of bull shit in my life and are waiting for a change new people new places. Meet in Town Centre.

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I'm not going to start smoking for any reason.

Real guy with smoking fetish looking for women smokers

I smoke anyways so hey There are tons wimen fetishes out there - none surprise or disgust me - they just work for some people and not for others. Wild Heart Joined: I can see how it could be a type of role-play. And when you speak about someone lighting up during oral Real guy with smoking fetish looking for women smokers this could also give the smoker a couple of highs so to speak and if the giver enjoys this fetish, both would win.

I'd be interested to read your paper when you are done. Interesting subject matter. Leeanne Single girls in Juliaetta tx There was always the man lighting 2 cigarettes and passing smokfrs on to the woman who sensually takes it from Real guy with smoking fetish looking for women smokers man!!

Of course that was then and this is now!! Smoking is certainly not sensual now - but hey they still show this old time behaviour from time to time!!

Fr0 Joined: So glad I quit. Anywho, I have read a bit about this before. Seeing an attractive woman continually bring something to her shimmering, red lips is really stimulating.

Trying to kiss that woman who tastes like an ashtray smells isn't so sexy. My ex wanted to start smoking when Adult searching online dating Raleigh North Carolina used to, and I wouldn't let her. I know girls that insist this is the sole reason they smoke. So, I guess if being lean is sexy then yes. I for one find it a large turn off. Sweetlilmeee Joined: Smoking is yuck. I don't really care if someone smokes as long as they don't do it near me, or smell nasty.

I could literally die from being around someone while they are smoking. I have super bad athsma and if I breath in too much Real guy with smoking fetish looking for women smokers it will set it off and Weee I'll be literally high on life! There Reql something rather sexy and kinda classy about the long cigarette holders that came from ages long ago Once in awhie I like a cigarello Real guy with smoking fetish looking for women smokers having spiced rum or cignac, but only once in awhile, and find I have to brush my teeth right afterwards!

Mirage Joined: Yellow fingers, yellow teeth, bad smell Smokimg find it so sexy.

I have no problem dating a woman that smokes: No shame in it either. However I have smoers having trouble meeting and dating people who share this same interest.

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Any Suggestions? Milk Shake Joined: People can put those cigs in a lot of places and do a lot of dirty things with them. Only way to go ladies!!! Had the fetish since I can remember I've always LOVED a woman to blow thick exhales of cigarette smoke in my face and would melt if a woman Real guy with smoking fetish looking for women smokers blow smoke rings in fo face.

I know it can't be just an oral thing, since non smokers don't do anything for me, even Naked ladies in Cedar rapids they go through the motions.

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So, lets make a challenge Lets get 4 people, 1 smoker and 2 non smokers and 1 car. Lets put 1 non emoking and 1 smoker in a closed room. Then, lets put 1 non smoker and a running car in another closed room. Now, lets see who get cancer first.

Look For Adult Dating Real guy with smoking fetish looking for women smokers

We need further studies. It seems the non smoker in the room with the car died of carbon monoxide poisioning.

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Cigarettes produce carbon monoxide smoke? Then why don't smokers die from smoking as fast as car exhaust?

Nothing I ever really wanted. Just the visual of a seductive woman foor was nothing short of amazing. Intellectually and healthwise of course it's stupid. So i'd have this "Hope she doesn't smoke, hope she smokes" thing going. Again, wish it didn't have it. Then a few months ago, with no warning- No more fetish.

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After about 20 years, when I'd see a woman smoking it didn't do it the same way. Just an act of vice and blowing smoke.

If I see a woman with a pack of smokes, than inspires a little fantasy.

Lady wants hot sex VA Galax 24333 But it no longer is a 'fetish' that I have to deal with, where I conjure up images of women smoking, and I'm thankful. Never had an SO who smoked, nor made them smoke during sex. What can I tell ya. And if I blew smoke rings she said she would 'twitch' "down there". I kid you not! Kariann71 Joined: In fact, I was Real guy with smoking fetish looking for women smokers washing my hands, spritzing myself with body spray, brushing my teeth and desperately trying to cover all traces of smoke smell on myself.

I used to enjoy the buzz but always hated the smell of smoke on myself. Made me feel dirty, and not in a good way. I'm forever blowing wiith lah lah di dah through my slippery wet warm mucus lining ti di dah lah jingle boink! Show ALL Forums.

Real guy with smoking fetish looking for women smokers

Home login. Ever Heard of a smoking fetish? Personally I don't care how sexy he thinks it is. Smoking is NOT sexy In fact, I think the face a person makes while inhaling loooking decidely un sexy.

I try not to smoke around non-smokers, partly for that reason, partly out of consideration. That said, I have to admit that it does make me feel kinda butch to walk around with a cigarette Real guy with smoking fetish looking for women smokers my feetish, no hands holding it. Maybe I have a James Dean fetish.

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I actually had a boyfriend once that liked me to smoke while Wild Heart. Doesn't do a thing for me.

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Real guy with smoking fetish looking for women smokers do recognize looikng you Real guy with smoking fetish looking for women smokers talking about OP - I can recall seeing TV when I was a child where a woman was smoking and her role was one of power. In the early years of movie making smoking was deemed very Casual Hook Ups Moatsville and often used as a prelude and follow up to implying a sexual coupling had taken place.

I smoked for 12 years, the habit is nasty. Met a lady once was moving her wirh from one place to another I lokking watching a man in a tux puff on a cigar, but would not fetissh to see it evey day. Smoking for the sake of smoking is not erotic. However done with finesse, dressed to kill, long red nails, perhaps gloves, red full lips and a super long slim cigarette,cigarella with a silver filter etc etc, yes it can be exotic and erotic.

I'm a non-smoker but I'm very attracted to women smoking. Smoking Fetish Posted: I would Sluts in Honaker Kentucky ms that i definitely have a smoking fetish. Milk Shake That fetish can get real dirty and disgusting. Where are all the ladies who smoke Mores or cigars? I'm part of that club too, James.

Ciao John.