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Bonus points for the super friendly waitresses and good-looking cakes, too. At the top of the Puro Hotel is INK Above — a half-inside-half-out cocktail bar with a different view of the city and deeeelicious drinks I went Poladn a green creation called KOKU and would highly recommend it!

Not super cheap, but totally worth it. I mean, check out Polsnd wallpaper! The vibe is vintage-bric-a-brac-chic, with decorations including dressed-up mannequins and piles of old books.

The cocktails were great, and the quirky vibe made it a super spot for an after dinner drink. Trains run very regularly at least a couple of times an hour and are very safe and efficient, as well as cheap.

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If you need to leave the city centre for example, to visit the Zaspa district, or the seaside the SKM train network expllre really well, and only costs a few zloty per journey, so will probably be your best bet.

So there you have it, a perfect weekend in pretty Poland.

More photos coming soon on Instagram. Oh, I loved my half-day trip to Sopot from Gdasnk! I live in the mountains, so it was SO refreshing to get to spend some time with a brisk sea breeze! Even in the summer there was a definite chill in the air! My English friend was happily sunbathing and I was wrapped in a jacket trying to protect myself from the breeze most of the time!! Lovely photos and reminds me of my great time there.

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Oh and your pictures are absolutely stunning. Thanks lovely! Woop woop your comment section is baaack! It might also seem unusual in tth place where the government has taken bold steps to quash free speech and control the historical narrative. Laws prohibiting the promotion of Nazi ideology or Holocaust denial exist in about a dozen European countries including Poland, a policy that should — in theory — regulate the sale of items like those I encountered in Kazimierz.

But several legal experts explpre scholars, likening the offense to a petty crime or the crossing of a red light, said that the rule is little enforced there. I was traveling through Germany and Poland with the Fellowships at Auschwitz for the Study of Professional Ethicsa program that looks at the role of journalists, lawyers, doctors, businesspeople and religious leaders in the Holocaust.

loved Raspberry Grandma - Review of U Babci Maliny, Krakow, Poland - TripAdvisor

Following several days of study in Berlin Poalnd Krakow, we had spent the morning exploring Kazimierz before a drive to Auschwitz and Birkenau, the Nazi concentration and death camps. Nazi insignia on display in Poland is not new.

Anti-Semitism in Poland is not new, either. There was a notable spike in anti-Semitism following the passage of the controversial Holocaust law last February, he added, which made it a crime to accuse Poles of involvement in the genocide.

Pankowski, a professor at Collegium Civitas in Warsaw, said in November. Rutynowska said in light of the event, where nationalist activists shouting racist slogans marched behind President Andrzej Duda and elected officials. The assassination on Jan.

All of its spacious rooms have recently been refurbished. Be sure to ask for a exploe with a view of the castle, and take advantage of their spa and fitness center. And the food?

Intrigued, I headed there with my cousin for grnny drink and discovered an entire world in the making. Opened this past July, there were just under a dozen bars and restaurants taking over the industrial space, many more to follow in the months ahead.

Shared office spaces looked over the cafes and terraces.

I returned the following day for coffee and cake at Bonjour Cava. Some of my fondest memories as a child are feeding the pigeons on the main square in Krakow.

I always felt well amidst the charm of this city, even during those many years of Communism, when my young mind struggled to make sense of vranny the disparities. On my last visit to Poland I returned, though now I do my best to avoid the pigeons.

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I still love to wander the winding streets and visit my old haunts. Or simply sit at one of the many terraced cafes and watch the world go by. As is evident around every corner. I caroused the thriving, creatively inspired and very much bohemian neighborhood of Kazimierzwhich remains one of the stee culturally significant Jewish areas in the world.

Hidden courtyards off the main square were explored, revealing charming bed and breakfasts, this one run by a family friend, aptly named Graanny Apartments. My next home away from home! I took a long walk across a newly built pedestrian bridge, decorated with love locks just like in Paris!

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As much of the world as I have seen, and have yet to see, I will always welcome a return to this grnany. During my recent trip to Sanokthe town where my mother grew up and om I spent many childhood summers, we took a trip to one of the largest open air museums. Skansen museumestablished inrecreates 19th and early 20th century life in this region of Poland.

You begin to understand the simplicity and often the hardship of life so many years ago.