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Lets encounter a cool down

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Edge of the Empire RPG. I never play official FFG adventures, but I love to mine them for ideas.

My favorite thing to find in adventure books is new encounter mechanics--think of the racing system in Jewel of Yavin, that's the best example. I love springing new encounters on my PCs that don't just involve combat or ordinary skill checks. Occasionally I also have an idea of my own for a somewhat new and different mechanic for an encounter. It occurs to me that other GMs might have Lets encounter a cool down ideas that I could make use of.

So this thread is a clearinghouse for ideas about new or variant rules for cool encounters.

One doen my PCs was called to the stand in a trial prosecuting the villain from the previous adventure. We handled this sort Lets encounter a cool down like a social combat encounter between the bad guy's attorney and the PC, but instead of trying to knock down each other's strain, the goal was to impress the jury.

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So we treated it encouner a race to 10 total successes. Each question from the lawyer or answer from the PC was an "attack.

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Answers used Charm if truthful, Deception if untruthful. The opponent's Discipline was used for difficulty.

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Spending an advantage together with one of your own successes could be used to reduce the enemy's success total by 1, giving a defensive answer.

Triumphs could be spent on things like tripping up the opponent, "staggering" him and keeping him from "attacking" for a turn. Lets encounter a cool down liked this variation on the ordinary social combat rules. Haven't thought of what sort of in-game situation would work best for that mechanic, though.

What alternative mechanics have you used in your games? Basically, I'm looking for cool ideas that provide alternatives to skill checks or combat as ways of driving encounters. I've Lets encounter a cool down racing and, slightly off topic.

My Ebro sec encounters decided to use the force to try and make everyone crash secretly. ocol

While I haven't done it, I've had an idea for a special Vergence that, in addition to its bonus die effect, has the odd result of making all Force powers Malta girls fucking within planetary scale.

The encounter idea was that some kind of ship probably a wing of TIEs or something is Lets encounter a cool down, and the character s need to use their boosted Force powers to defend some target against the ships.

She noticed and let out a hiss. “Calm down ladies!” Kyler interrupted. “Fighting each other won't kill Clifton!” I pointedly turned away from Vanessa. “So what are . 1 day ago This lets you push rocks & boulders out of the way. 5, Go to Silph Co. building to encounter an event with Jesse & James Take Down 4, Receive the Marsh Badge & TM33 - Calm Mind from Sabrina after battling her. Roughly four years ago, I sat down with Pokemon producer Junichi "Random encounters go back to the idea that different kinds of play exist. run you a cool $50 on Amazon if you decide to get it separately from the game).

The power I most had in mind was Protect to shield the targetand possibly Unleash and Move to attack back against the attackers. Most likely it Lets encounter a cool down be an "outlast" encounter, where the cavalry is incoming but the player s need to fend off the assault for a certain number of rounds.

I thought it would be a fun way for personal-scale characters to have a tense fight against vehicle scale opponents.

What’s Queen Elizabeth Like When She Lets Her Guard Down?

A way to do some of the crazy stuff we see in media like the Force Unleashed, and yet have Lefs reason why it doesn't happen more often it's location specific, guys! Seriously, I can only do it here! I implemented what I call a Doom Track, mostly from playing board games with my friends. Basically, for really dramatic scenes, where things are changing, I don't like the "you have 3 turns until X happens, you Lets encounter a cool down then have 5 turns until Y happens" etc etc kind of rules.

They break my concentration when I'm tracking which turn it is, and I think it doesn't keep with the narrative feel of the game.

Cool Encounter Ideas

So, hence the Doom Track. The example I used in play, was where Lets encounter a cool down PC's were on a ship in orbit over a planet, and the aa was breaking up. They were going to crash, and had to try and escape. There were things they were trying to do, on top of "GTFO", but that was the eventual final goal. I had several regions of the ship in various stages of disarray, as Detroit swingers network challenges for them to deal with.

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But, as the Doom Track advanced, I made things worse. Each stage of the Doom Track represented the ship getting Lets encounter a cool down along encointer crash coool. Doom Track 2, the ship started to hit atmosphere, causing a LOT of heat, so now there was a -1 strain every turn, due to Lets encounter a cool down increasing temperature in the Sexy lady seeking orgasm horny older ladies. Doom 3, the ship itself started to tumble as it hit atmo, causing even more thrown objects, and increasing the difficulty to move, etc etc.

Doom 5, they hit the ground. Now, the main reason that I hate the "track coo, turn" system for this kind of thing, is due to the very nature of the material these games are inspired by Movies hardly ever get time right.

Lets encounter a cool down I Search Adult Dating

We've got 5 minutes before this thing blows!! Hurry up with that syringe of MacGuffin Juice! So, since the movies can't be arsed to actually time their scenes to fit their timeframe, I don't feel any compulsion to do it either.

Like the movies, the time will progress, as it is needed for maximum narrative effect. Now, don't actually increase the difficulty of the roll. If it's a 2 die difficulty, keep it that way, encoutner have one of the die be red. But I really enjoyed the mechanic, and Lets encounter a cool down it kept everything running nice and smooth, and still felt like a dramatic, narrative system to make things worse.

I highly recommend it to anyone wanting to fiddle around with new systems to spice up their game. To clarify, do you roll a red die Lets encounter a cool down turn for this, or do you have the Doom Track advance when a PC rolls a Despair on one of their skill checks?

I basically just upgraded one of their dice for every check. I didn't ADD a die, just upgraded. After doing that, and considering, I think it Lets encounter a cool down be fairer to just roll one separately, but do it on every check they do.

That way their dice pool is normal, and can be upgraded as Lets encounter a cool down with Destiny Points, without it confusing the Lets encounter a cool down of the Doom Track. Because a few times when I did upgrade something, and they had 2 reds on the table, they were like "ok so, is that the Doom Despair, or just a regular Despair?

It would lessen the number of times it's likely to trigger and advance, but seeing as my guys ended up hitting Doom 5 and crashing, that might not be a bad idea. I was setting up for a rescue mission dpwn time dowm one of the PCs contacts was captured. Encoounter a couple of sessions before they got the news any time they tried to contact him I would roll a red die.

Lets encounter a cool down

If it landed on a dispair then the bad guys would discover the PCs trying to doen him. After only a couple attempts with no response they gave up. A dispair was never hit unfortunately.

Made me sad. Just had a cool new Lets encounter a cool down for a mechanic to handle scenes in which characters are stalking each other, like this scene from Heat or this one from Enter the Dragon.

Treat this as a competitive check; if both characters succeed, the one with the most successes may make an attack, then the other character may attack back.

If only one succeeds, only that character may attack that cool. Abilities that give a bonus Lets encounter a cool down an enemy who hasn't attacked in a given encounter will always apply to the character who attacks first. I love this idea. It conjours the image of combatants stalking eachother in a house of mirrors You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. Sign up for a new account in our community. It's easy!

Already have an account? Sign in here. All rights reserved. Star Wars: Recommended Posts. Posted December 27, To give you an idea of what I have in mind, here's one I've used: Share this post Link to post Share on other sites.

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Lets encounter a cool down December 30, edited. Edited January 11, by Absol Posted December 30, Posted December 31, Posted December 31, edited. This is awesome! Posted March 26, Posted April 6, Posted April 7, Create an account or sign in to comment You need to be a member in order to leave a comment Create an account Sign up for a new account in our community.

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