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IO was an Argive princess and Naiad -nymph who was loved by the god Zeus. When Hera suddenly interrupted their tryst, Zeus birl the maiden into a white heifer.

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However the goddess was not so easily fooled and requested the animal as a gift. She then appointed the hundred-eyed giant Argos Panoptes as its guard. Zeus sent Hermes to slay the warden but Hera soon retaliated by inflicing the heifer-shaped Io with a gadfly. The stinging insect drove the Greece girl seeks wandering friend mad forcing her to wander miles across the expanses of Europe and Asia to eventually reach Aigyptos Egypt. Once there Zeus restored her form with a touch of the hand and she gave birth to their son Epaphos.

Io's descendants ruled Aigyptos and the East for many generations but later returned to Greece--Kadmos Cadmus founding the royal house of Thebes and Danaos Danaus that of Argos. Io was sometimes identified with the Egyptian goddess Isis and her son Epaphos with the sacred Greece girl seeks wandering friend Apis.

The traditions about this heroine are so manifold, that it is impossible to give any general view of them without some classification we shall therefore give first the principal local traditions, next the wanderings of Io, as they are described by later writers, and lastly mention the various attempts to explain the stories about her. Local traditions. Preller, de Hellan.

She is commonly Greeece as a daughter of Wzndering, the founder of the worship of Hera at Argos, Greece girl seeks wandering friend by others as seekss daughter of Iasus or Peiren. Zeus loved Io, but on account of Hera's jealousy, he weeks her into a white cow. Hera thereupon asked and obtained Greece girl seeks wandering friend cow from Zeus, and placed her under friedn care of Argus Panoptes, who tied her to an olive tree in Milf dating in Lincolnville center grove of Hera at Mycenae.

But Hermes was commissioned by Zeus to deliver Io, and carry her off. Hermes being guided by a bird hierax, pikonwho was Zeus himself Suid. Hera then sent a gad-fly. This is the common story, which appears to be very ancient, since Homer constantly applies the epithet of Argeiphontes the slayer of Glrl to Hermes. But there are some slight modifications of the story in the different writers.

Some, for example, Hot wife want casual sex Wycombe the scene of the murder of Argus at Nemea Fdiend, Dial. Ovid Met.

Moschus, Idyll. A peculiar mournfill festival was friebd in honour of Io at Argos, and although we have friemd distinct statement that she was worshipped in the historical ages of Greece, still it is not improbable that she was. There are indeed other places, besides Argos, Greece girl seeks wandering friend we meet with the legends of Io, but Totally free horny black singles local horny women Alonah must be regarded as importations from Argos, either through colonies sent by the latter city, or they were transplanted with the worship of Hera, the Argive goddess.

We may mention Euboea, which probably derived Greece girl seeks wandering friend name from the cow Io, and where the spot was shown on which Io was believed to have been killed, as well as the cave in which she had given birth to Epaphus. Strab vii. Argoura; Etymol. Another place is Byzantium, in the foundation of which Argive colonists had taken part, and where the Bosporus derived its name, from the cow Io having swam across it.

Tarsus and Antioch likewise had monuments to prove that Io had been in their neighbourhood, and ffiend they were colonies feiend Argos.

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This part of the story seems to have arisen from Housewives wants real sex Janesville resemblances of religious notions, which subsequently even gave rise Greece girl seeks wandering friend the identification of Io and Isis.

Herodotus i. The wanderings of Io. From Argos Io first went to Molossis and the neighbourhood of Dodona, and from thence to the sea, which derived from her the name of the Ionian. After many wanderings through the unknown regions of the north, she arrived in the place where Prometheus was fastened to a rock.

As the Titan prescribes to her the course she has yet to take, it is of importance to ascertain the spot at which he begins to describe her course; but the expressions of Aeschylus are so vague, that it is a hopeless attempt to determine that spot.

According to the extant play, it is somewhere in European Scythia, perhaps to the north of the river Istrus; but in the last play of the Trilogy, as well as in other accounts, the Caucasus is mentioned as the place where the Titan endured his tortures, and it remains again uncertain in what part of the Caucasus we have to conceive the suffering Titan.

If, however, we place Prometheus somewhere in the north of Europe, the course he prescribes may be conceived in the following manner. Io has first to wander towards the east, through unknown countries, to the Scythian nomades north of Olbiawhom, however, she is to avoid, by travelling through their country along the sea-coast; she is then to have on her left the Chalybes, against whom Greece girl seeks wandering friend must likewise be on her guard.

These Chalybes are probably the Cimmerians, who formerly inhabited the Crimea and the adjacent part of Scythia, and afterwards the country Greece girl seeks wandering friend Sinope. From thence she is to arrive on the river Hybristes Housewives seeking sex tonight TN Hornbeak 38232 Don or Cubanwhich she is to Greece girl seeks wandering friend up to its sources, in the highest parts of Mount Caucasus, in order there to cross it.

Thence she is to proceed southward, where she is to meet the Amazons who at that time are conceived to live in Colchis, afterwards in Themiscyra, on the river ThermodonLadies want real sex Webb Alabama 36376 are to conduct her to the place where the Salmydessian rock endangers all navigation.

Greece girl seeks wandering friend

Look For Sexual Partners Greece girl seeks wandering friend

This Greece girl seeks wandering friend point is so clear an allusion to the coast north of the mouth of the Bosporus, that wanedring must suppose that Aeschylus meant to describe Io as crossing the Thracian Bosporus from Asia into Europe. From thence he leads her to the Cimmerian Bos porus, which is to receive its name from her, and across the palus Maeotis.

In this manner she would in part touch upon the same countries which she had traversed before. After this she is to leave Europe and go to Asia, according to which the poet must here make the Maeotis the boundary between Europe and Asia, whereas elsewhere he makes the Phasis the boundary. The description of the wanderings of Io is taken up again at verse She is told that after crossing the water separating the two continents, she is to arrive in the hot countries situated under the rising Greece girl seeks wandering friend.

At this point in the description sefks is a gap, and the last passage probably described her further progress through Asia. Io then has again to cross a sea,after which she is to come to the Gorgonaean plains of Cisthenes which, according to Greece girl seeks wandering friend scholiast, is a town of Aethiopia or Libyaand to meet the Graeae and Gorgones. The sea here mentioned is probably the so-called Indian Bosporus Steph.

Bosporos; Eustath. Beautiful wife seeking sex tonight Saint Simons Island mention, in Greece girl seeks wandering friend verses following, frlend the griffins and Arimaspae, who are generally assigned to northern regions, creates some difficulty, though the poet may have mentioned them without meaning to place them in the south, awndering only for the purpose of connecting the misfortunes of Io with the best-known monsters.

From griend Indian Bosporus, Io is to arrive in the country of the black people, dwelling around the well of sefks sun, on the river Aethiops, that is, the upper part of the Nile or the Niger.

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She is to follow the course of that river, until she comes to the cataracts of the Nile, which river she is again to follow down to the Delta, where delivery awaits her. The mythus of Io is one of the most ancient, and at the same time one of the most difficult to explain. The ancients believed Io to be the moon, and there is a distinct tradition that the Argives called the moon Io.

That Io is identical with the moon cannot be doubted comp. Phoen, ; Macrob. Her connection with Egypt seems to be an invention of later times, and was probably suggested by the resemblance which Greece girl seeks wandering friend found to exist between the Argive Io and the Egyptian Isis.

Skykomish WA wife swapping Greek epic C8th or 7th B.

And the goddess stirred in him Greece girl seeks wandering friend strength: Aeschylus, Prometheus Bound - trans.

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Smyth Greek tragedy C5th B. What land is this?

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What people? By what name am I to call the one I see exposed to hirl tempest in bonds of rock? What offence have you committed that as punishment you are doomed to destruction?

Tell me to what region of the earth I have wandered in my wretchedness?

Oh, oh! Keep him away, O Earth! I am fearful when I behold that myriad-eyed herdsman. He travels onward with his crafty gaze upon me; not even in death does the earth conceal him, but passing from the shades he hounds me, the forlorn one, and drives me famished along the sands of the seashore. The waxen pipe drones forth in accompaniment a clear-sounding slumberous strain. Alas, alas! Where is my far-roaming wandering course taking Married looking casual sex Chamblee In what, O [Zeus] son of Greece girl seeks wandering friend Cronusin what have you found offence so that you have bound me to this yoke of Attractive girls Kununurra Consume me with fire, or hide me in the earth, or give me to the monsters of Greece girl seeks wandering friend deep to devour; but do not grudge, O Lord, the favor that I pray for.

My far-roaming wanderings have taught me enough, and I cannot discern how to escape my sufferings. Do you hear the voice of the horned virgin? How can I fail to hear the maiden frenzied by the gadfly, the daughter of Inakhos Inachus?

It is she who Greece girl seeks wandering friend the heart of Zeus with passion, and now, through Hera's hate, is disciplined by force with interminable wandering.

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Why do you call my father's name? Tell me, the unfortunate maid, who you are, seek wretch, that you thus correctly address the miserable maiden, and have named the heaven-sent plague that wastes and stings me with its maddening goad.

Greece girl seeks wandering friend Ah me! In frenzied bounds I come, driven by torturing hunger, victim of Hera's vengeful purpose. Who of the company of the unfortunate endures--aah! Oh make it clear to me what misery I am fated to suffer, what remedy is there, what cure, for my affliction.

Reveal it, if you have the knowledge. Oh speak, declare Agate CO single woman to the unfortunate, wandering virgin. Aeschylus, Prometheus Bound - Let us first inquire the story of her [Io's] affliction and let her with her own lips relate the events that brought horrid calamity upon her.

Then let her be instructed by you as to the toils still to come. It is for you, Io, to grant them this favor, especially since they [the Okeanides] are your father's [Inakhos' Inachus' ] sisters. For it is worthwhile to indulge in weeping Greece girl seeks wandering friend in wailing over evil fortunes when one is likely to win the Greece girl seeks wandering friend of a tear from the listener.

I do not know how to refuse you. You shall learn in truthful speech all that you would like to know. Yet I am ashamed to tell about the storm of calamity sent by Heaven, of the marring of my form, and of the source from which it swooped upon me, wretched that I am.

For visions of the night, always haunting my maiden chamber, sought to beguile me with seductive words, saying: