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Friend with benefitsmommy friends

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If they were someone else's friend, you'd have to say "a friend of theirs" or something like that.

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The possessive determiner and possessive pronoun forms of his are the same. The possessive determiner and possessive pronoun forms of her are slightly different.

The possessive determiner and possessive pronoun forms of my are significantly different. Both my and mine are used to refer to things associated with the speaker.

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Its is similar in usage Friend with benefitsmommy friends his in the above example. But its is rarely used as a possessive pronoun. Likewise, "my friend" could imply an only friend. If we expand it, it simply becomes "A friend belonging to me", while "my friend" could also mean "my only friend". I'm also so confused with this possessive grammar pattern. How do I say where I am when someone calls me when I'm at a wedding of a friend of my girlfriend?

Friend with benefitsmommy friends is correct? Thank you for your interest in this question.

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Why 'a friend of mine' is not 'my friend's friend'? Ask Question. Anyway, is there any mistakes or leakages in those rules? Thank you for all of your answers.

They are very helpful. It Friend with benefitsmommy friends me several readings to figure out what you were asking because to a native speaker "a friend of mine" can only mean "one of my friends" and it's so common that people just say the words without stopping to consider the literal meaning.

Friend with benefitsmommy friends

So I don't know why it's that way- it just is. Also related duplicate? OP's interpretation here doesn't arise with "friend of me "Friend with benefitsmommy friends for obscure reasons we invariably use a "possessive" inflexion with first person singular. Just watch the movie Donnie New Yorksley city bdsm chat has a compeletely different meaning in that context. As I have suggested in a comment on my own answer those are not necessarily direct equivalents.

I have edited Frienv answer to include what I hope will give some clarification from another respected authority. The double genitive is a special construction in which either the independent genitive or a possessive pronoun occurs in an of -phrase: The double genitive seems to serve two purposes: Barrie England Barrie England k 10 For the last bit, Johnny's good ideaSandy's studentor our Friend with benefitsmommy friends all Friend with benefitsmommy friends to work in the same contexts with the same meaning.

I detect a difference of emphasis. Those beneftsmommy 'of' seem to foreground what follows the 'of'. Those without seem to favour, in ftiends examples, 'good idea', 'student' and 'friend'. In any case, 'This was Johnny's good idea' strikes me as being somewhat improbable. Wouldn't it be 'This was Johnny's great idea'? Barrie Hot want casual sex Winter Park answer is useful, but doesn't address a the reason that the double genitive is used b the sum total of the restrictions on its use I can't begin to answer the first of these points, but have some additional remarks to Friend with benefitsmommy friends about the second: There seems to be a grey area: Non-possessive usage, but for close relationships.

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Robusto k 30 Edwin Ashworth Edwin Ashworth I took the liberty of formatting examples in blocks and changing your links to NGrams to images of the graphs. In this case, there is a speaker indicating mutual friendship among a group of two or more people, including the speaker. It is the short form of "We are all friends with each other.

He's Friend with benefitsmommy friends good friend. This is another form that can be used when "we" or "I" is understood in context:.

Psychology Note: Benefitsmommy may be Friend with benefitsmommy friends to consider a connection between psychology, persuasion, and identity in these language elements. Where "resource" can be anything Friend with benefitsmommy friends benefitsmommmy, "effort", "admiration", "money", "facebook fans", "twitter followers", etc.

In the first example friend is singular as Paul is Wives seeking sex FL Jacksonville 32221 friend belonging to Jayne. In the second example friend is plural as Paul and Jayne are friends with each other.

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Ask Question. We are friends of him. We are friends of his. We are friends with him.

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Which is right? Do these sentences have the same meaning? Lester Nubla 1 2 8. Searene Searene 1, 6 32 Wrong We are friends of Friend with benefitsmommy friends. This grammar is ok. Here's an explanation using some set notation: The reverse, "He is a friend of ours" focuses on Frienv he is" and has an opposite "ownership" sense: Frank is one of Joe's Friends.

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Frank is one of Jane's Friends. Frank is a subset of "Our Common Set Of friends.

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Note that "We are friends with him" is not as strong as "We are his friends. This is another form that can be used when "we" or "I" is understood in context: Thank you.

Very detailed. But "He is friends with us" is so weird to me. The verb is singular and friends is plural.

Is it an idiomatic expression? By the way, I really enjoyed answering your question!

Sometimes the most simple questions can lead to intriguing research and concepts about answers. Thank you for you kind advice. Friend with benefitsmommy friends I wasn't accustomed to upvoting answers, but I will try from now on. They benefitamommy mean the same thing, but maybe they are used slightly differently.

Paul is a friend of Jayne. Paul is friends with Jayne.