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Both girls were, at the same time, excited and a little unnerved. It was one thing to Beautiful housewives want sex dating Lewiston about being attracted to these two men. It was something completely different to feel the evidence of sexual arousal in them. As for the men, they were still trying to process information that had turned the world upside down. It Beautiful ladies looking hot sex Wheeling West Virginia one thing to fantasize about doing things with their best friend's daughters.

It was something else again to find out that the girls had the same, or at least similar fantasies. Dave, his mind moving at a hundred miles an hour, reacted by habit, and turned the TV back on.

The volume was lower, but the action was about the same as it had been Wanted millionaire for ltr 23 Keene the TV was last on. In this case, it was an outdoor scene, where a woman was in a Beautiful ladies looking hot sex Wheeling West Virginia, and the driver was between her legs, with her skirt up.

She was calling him a filthy commoner, and had her legs wrapped firmly around his waist as he thrust repeatedly into her. Dave groaned, punched the channel up button, and got snow. He kept punching, until he was treated to the carriage driver cumming on the lady's pubes.

He punched the off button viciously. Oddly, it was the kind of thing that broke the tension, at least for the girls. Cindy tittered. With only one chair, one of them had to sit on a bed. Dick had located an air conditioner panel, in a long box under the picture window, and had coaxed the unit into a wheezing attempt to cool the room a bit.

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The air blowing from the louvers was cooler than the outside air, but ladues much. Everybody was sweating as they ate. Their loiking gave nothing away, but the men knew Beautiful ladies looking hot sex Wheeling West Virginia they were likely thinking. There was ladiee sense of relief all around. Nobody had thought of that yet. It's stained, but clean.

Television appeared to be out, unless Jimmy Joe changed the channel, which he apparently was loathe to do. There were no books, or games. It was summer, so there was no homework. Dave would have given ten dollars for a crossword puzzle book that they could all work on together, but he hadn't thought to ask Mable for that.

Basically, they all had nothing to do, and long hours xex of them before they went to bed. At least until they were used to going to bed. Physically, the girls were Virfinia better shape than the men, in terms of the heat, which the struggling air conditioner valiently worked against, but with almost no success.

It turned out that they were better off with the door to the room open, than closed, but they let lookng AC run anyway. The girls were wearing their soccer uniforms, which were loose, and made to breathe. The men were stuck in slacks and shirts, which were loose to some degree, but didn't breathe all that well. Had they all been home, they'd have gotten more comfortable.

But they weren't home. Half an hour later they were still looking. There was a coin operated Laundromat, the store, the gas station, twenty-one houses, three dogs that barked at them, and two that did not, and, attached Beautiful ladies looking hot sex Wheeling West Virginia the grain elevator, Woman wants sex tonight Deer Creek Minnesota farm store that had windows so dirty they couldn't see inside.

The only thing that made any impact at all were the dozens of rusty old Beauttiful, parked helter skelter, that the men were mildly interested in, because they were so old. The girls were wearing tennis shoes that they'd brought along, so they wouldn't have to wear their cleats in the car. I Beautiful ladies looking hot sex Wheeling West Virginia what these people do for fun? It was what had been on his mind as he watched the girls hips sway in front of him as they all walked along. He flushed bright red as both girls turned to give him a speculative oooking.

They were walking back toward the motel, passing a row of houses. What kind of woman would want to be his girlfriend? I thought I taught you that. Then, feeling everyone looking at her, she added " Dave pushed that image Beautiful ladies looking hot sex Wheeling West Virginia of his mind by remembering the last South Korea adult swingers he'd dated.

Her name had been Helen, and she'd wanted a husband - bad! Besides, another woman in the house would be a bad idea. Denise turned around and walked backwards too. It caused her breasts to bounce under her jersey. Is that why you don't date either? Denise frowned. Their own sexual tension was higher than normal, and maybe that's why Cindy said what she did.

Had she known he'd heard Beautiful ladies looking hot sex Wheeling West Virginia talking to Denise, she wouldn't have Whfeling it. Both girls thought their Beautitul had no sexual thoughts at all, much less Beeautiful them. Denise, who didn't talk to her dad yot as often, or as intimately as this, couldn't make her mind whether it was more interesting to stare at her best friend, or at her Uncle Dave. You know that. Now Denise was on the spot. I can't remember all of it.

Srx I shared it with you, like always. His daughter beamed at him. Dick bent forward, reflexively, as hpt he'd just been kneed in the balls. I mean I didn't think things would get that far He couldn't do that, though. Anger gave him words.

Denise stiffened, and turned back around. She stalked down the road, speeding up. Cindy chased after her, and their heads were close together as they talked. He thought it was funny, but didn't smile. I think we're both in big trouble here, come to think about it. That's crazy! What did you do when you were their age, when you thought about sex? Ssex looked shocked. The thought that his daughter was thinking about sex just about paralyzed him. He knew it shouldn't Well not if it was about him and Dick His thoughts got all jumbled up at that point.

Cindy said it like they had a pact or something I just told her to save her virginity for a man she really loved. I thought that was enough. Let's just get through tonight, get Beautiful ladies looking hot sex Wheeling West Virginia car fixed, and get back home.

Maybe we can work things out there. When they came out, the men both stifled groans. Dave's T shirt came to Cindy's mid thighs. It was pulled down tightly, and her modest breasts pushed her immodest nipples through the cloth so much that it looked like the cloth Adult wants nsa Stamford Connecticut 6901 tear from the strain.

Dick's button down shirt had Wanting to make a new friend or 2 on it, which hung low on Denise's front and back, but rode up high on her hips.

Her olive complexion, gotten from her mother, made the shirt look thin. Two dark circles were visible through it where her ample breasts pushed it away from her chest. They had washed their uniforms out in the bathroom sink, and were looking for a place to Beautiful ladies looking hot sex Wheeling West Virginia them up to dry. There was Virfinia closet in one wall, but no hangers. Denise reached up to hang her jersey on the end of a curtain rod, and her bare butt was exposed.

They were dirty. Dick looked at Virginiw, who was staring at Beautiful ladies looking hot sex Wheeling West Virginia butt. He elbowed him. He looked at his friend.

I had to look. It's a rule. Denise was apparently still sulking from the argument her father didn't know he'd had with her on the walk. Or, she was still feeling horny from thinking about possibly sleeping with one or the other of the men.

Who knows? In any case, she didn't like it when her friend and the two men lined up against her. It's HIS fault my panties are hanging in the bathroom! Denise went back down on her heels, finally, probably because her calves were giving out from standing on tiptoes for as long as she could. She had a little streak of exhibitionist in her that she hadn't known about, until she realized she got tingles from Dave and her father staring at her bare butt. I know you didn't do anything on purpose. She had been about to copy Denise, and hang it up on the other end of the curtain rod, when she realized that her butt would show too.

Or 'I'm thinking of an animal', or something like that. Why Beautiful ladies looking hot sex Wheeling West Virginia It beats just sitting around looking at the walls.

Beautiful ladies looking hot sex Wheeling West Virginia with two scantily clad girls prancing around. He knew that his daughter was sans-panties too, based on what Denise had said. They sat with their knees together, and their legs out to one side, leaning on an arm. At least initially. Dick sank gratefully into the chair, and Dave started to lie down on the other bed, until he realized that he was stiff as a board from looking at Denise's ass, and that, if he lay on his back, it would look like a ferret had crawled up his pants leg, and curled up in his lap.

He lay sideways, with is hand covering the lump, instead. They started with animals. The number of questions was unlimited, but had to be answerable with only a yes or no. Denise started, thinking of a penguin. Her dad, who had played this game a lot, got it narrowed down quickly by asking if it was Beautiful ladies looking hot sex Wheeling West Virginia bird, and if it flew. From there the others got it within three more questions. Cindy went next, trying to stump them by thinking of a platypus.

That one lasted a long time, until Denise asked if this mammal had live birth. Dave tried an elephant, which was pathetically simple after Denise asked if it was larger than a horse. Then Lookn for a keeper Altamonte Springs pussy fuck, who had played Women seeking sex Almaden Valley game a lot, years ago, kept them all going Beautiful ladies looking hot sex Wheeling West Virginia almost five minutes by thinking of a yak.

The game went on, eating up minutes, and the mood lightened as they tried to come up with rarer and harder animals. The girls, unthinking, adjusted their posture and settled into sitting Indian style, on the bed.

Their natural modesty ensured that, as they did so, they tugged their shirts to cover their naked bodies. That was fine, as long as neither girl lifted her arms. The problem was that it's unnatural to sit for an extended period of time and never lift your arms, or move around. In their occasional excitement, the girls DID move, and Beautiful ladies looking hot sex Wheeling West Virginia shirt tails moved too. They had switched to thinking of things other than animals, when an argument started.

Dave had thought of a quark, which he thought was a most excellent thing to think of, and no one had been able to get close to it, other than "atom". When they finally gave up, and he told them what it was, Denise threw her hands up in the air and said: That's sub atomic! That's not fair! When her hands dropped, the shirt dropped too, but hung up on that tuft of hair, leaving her exposed. His eyes bugged out and he rolled onto his back, bringing one hand up to cover his eyes. Her father, sitting in the chair, didn't have the same view as Dave, but he saw the shirt lying high, and guessed what Dave had seen.

He felt Just fuck me like a cow prick tighten in his pants. Her hands grabbed the shirt tale, and stuffed it down between her legs. Cindy giggled, and Denise turned a wrathful eye on her, only to find Cindy Angels wifelovers swingers at her father. Denise looked, and immediately saw the bulging lump of his penis in his Beautiful ladies looking hot sex Wheeling West Virginia.

She felt a rush of something go wildly through her, and felt her nipples firm up. Seeing the evidence of what she had Beautiful ladies looking hot sex Wheeling West Virginia to Uncle Dave was thrilling, in a naughty kind of way, and she suddenly loved feeling naughty.

Dave," said Dick, staring in horror at his best friend's crotch. Dave lifted his head, uncovered his eyes, and groaned again, sounding like he was quite sure the world was ending. He rolled to his left, and ended up in a fetal position, his back to the girls. What is your advice for me, Daddy?

It was too much fun to resist, though. Dick looked at his daughter blankly. He had no idea what to do. He wanted to stand up and walk out the door, but Beautiful ladies looking hot sex Wheeling West Virginia knew he couldn't do that. For one thing, his own prick was mostly hard. That little problem wasn't so little, as he began to come to grips with the fact that he wished, there for a few seconds, that he was where Dave had been, so he could see what Dave had seen.

That thought was unsettling enough, all by itself, to render him immobile. Another part of him said he should stop her from humiliating his best Are there no decent ladies left Denise wasn't the only one who was in a completely new situation, and didn't know what to do.

It was Cindy who brought some semblance of control back to the situation. She had a hard time getting over being mad, and being horny didn't help things at all. She was acting Parlin NJ wife swapping a poor young girl who had been taken advantage of which, to be honest, was the right role Beautiful ladies looking hot sex Wheeling West Virginia her to play, in most situations.

The problem was that Cindy knew how hypocritical she was acting. The men did too, though they weren't actually thinking about I m looking for in depth conversation at that moment.

She couldn't remind Denise of their earlier conversation, with the men there, but she felt like she had to exert some kind of control over her friend, or things were going to go to shit much worse than they already had.

In Denise's mind, though, as young people often do, she ignored the fact that she had lusty thoughts about "Uncle Dave". She was well aware that young girls aren't supposed to lust after their best friend's father, not to even speak of having similar thoughts for her OWN father. Cindy's reaction was fairly typical of a young person too. Her friend was acting stupid, in her opinion. More than that, though, her friend was embarrassing and tormenting the man Cindy loved Beautiful ladies looking hot sex Wheeling West Virginia in the world.

On an unconscious level, she understood the role that sex played in advertising, and most human relationships. She hadn't thought it out on a rational basis, but she understood that her friend was good looking, and female, and that her father was a normal male, even if he hadn't acted like it until this moment. Cindy's jumbled thoughts led her to fight back She lifted her T shirt, displaying the soft, straight, short hair that framed her own Looking for penis in Shevlin Minnesota lips She saw them widen, and she saw him stop breathing.

She let her shirt fall, and leaned over to put her hand on Dick's lap. This kind of behavior was completely uncharacteristic of her best friend. Cindy was the modest one, at least in public. Cindy was the one who wore modest clothes, and conducted herself in a lady-like fashion.

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It shocked Denise so much that she actually calmed down. When Hot sexy Plymouth women webcams let her T shirt fall, it had caught on her round butt cheeks. Her pussy hair was just barely visible Beautiful ladies looking hot sex Wheeling West Virginia the front, but it was in shadow. She gave a little tug to the shirt, and it slipped down to cover Beautifuo again. It was about then that both girls realized the import of what had happened.

Things had gotten so out of control that they had both done things that neither would have ever thought to do on purpose. They'd both said things that they'd never have said, intentionally, in front of their fathers.

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Both were embarrassed. Both fled to the bathroom, which was the only place they could go to be away from the men they had just embarrassed themselves in front of. There was a different kind of pressure, though What complicated this was the fact that the women they had responded to were each other's daughters. If that weren't enough to mix things up completely, it is almost impossible to be irate at your best friend for lusting after your daughter Especially when you know that the girl in question has some of the same feelings for you Like I said It Beautiful ladies looking hot sex Wheeling West Virginia also too early for either man to have processed the information Adult wants nsa Tripoli feelings that still seemed to be banging off the walls, like super-balls, gathering speed, instead of slowing down.

YOU did! They pretend whatever happened didn't happen. Anyone who thought about that kind of response would Wheeeling and say it was idiotic, but there is a breaking point that people sometimes sense in themselves that, if the situation is allowed padies continue, will be met. No one wants to break down, and Beautiful ladies looking hot sex Wheeling West Virginia way of dealing with that danger is to just pretend that nothing happened.

It doesn't work if only one Wext in the situation takes that approach. It doesn't really work even if all the participants Wheelihg that approach - not Beautifu the long run. You can't forget that something like that happened. But, if everybody will play the game of pretending, for a while, it gives people time to Beautiful ladies looking hot sex Wheeling West Virginia slowly, and for their thoughts to evolve.

In this case, the girls decided that they couldn't stay in the bathroom forever, and just decided to go back out and go to bed, as if nothing had happened. When they did, the men were forced to either Vigginia about it, or ignore it too. Ignoring it seemed much easier, as the girls came out and, without looking at either man, got the bed ready to sleep in, and climbed in.

There were only two problems. The first was that it was much too hot to pull a cover over them, as they lay out on the bed, side-by-side, and shoulder-to-shoulder. The second was that their shirts didn't cover any more of them this way than they had standing up. As Dick sat, and Dave lay, both of them wide-eyed, the girls tried to get comfortable. Lying on their backs wouldn't do, so each girl twisted to lie on one side.

Then they had to adjust pillows, which involved their arms lifting Beautitul to their heads, which pulled the shirts up, exposing creamy, smooth Beautiful ladies looking hot sex Wheeling West Virginia. That caused hands to come back and tug shirts back into place Dave, somehow knowing that this situation was, again, building to a level of tension that wasn't going to work, got off the bed and went to the door.

He jerked his head at Dick, who lurched up out of the chair. Both men looked at each other's pants, which were still bulging. The only response came from Cindy, who, without turning her head, said: Now YOU, on the other hand, got flashed! Then some semblance of decorum made Housewives looking real sex Hornsby Tennessee say: His hands waved in Beautiful ladies looking hot sex Wheeling West Virginia air as he spoke.

That fit in well with his fantasy. Dick's eyes were round and white in the darkness. They were all worked up about it. Both men remembered vividly the girls talking about how they'd like to sleep with each other's fathers Dave started walking again.

He was getting so worked up that the impulse to ignore things crept into his thoughts again. A crush wasn't so threatening, at least not in real life. It was fine for a fantasy, but made it easier to resist impulses in real life. They're just kids, and they don't know what they're doing. They're full of hormones and do crazy things SAY crazy things He liked this line of "reasoning".

Fantasy often makes us happy He looked just like Randy looked, the first time I told him he could touch my boobs. It's different, knowing that he got a boner for me. What if my Daddy tried something with YOU? Her question, off the subject, caught Denise by surprise, and she answered truthfully. She waited a few seconds, and then said: It makes me want to rub.

They might come back any second. The moonlight outside made it light enough that they could see well enough to get undressed and onto their Wheeliny. It also made it light enough that both me could see two pairs of pale, naked buttocks, lying side-by-side in the other bed. Like the girls, the men lay on top of the bed, in just their shorts. Dave favored boxers, because they were loose.

Dick liked jockeys, because they didn't bulk up in his pants. Both types of underwear, had the girls been looking, would have displayed lookimg was Beautiful ladies looking hot sex Wheeling West Virginia. Both men were still mostly erect. The girls had played hard, but had gone to sleep early, suggesting they might awaken first. The men were used to getting up for work, though, and rarely overslept.

In fact, it was the men who woke first. They got up quietly, in the dawn light, Dating in Hartford Connecticut on getting dressed quickly. The small flaw in that plan was that both girls had turned to lie on their backs Virginka the night. First Dave, and then Dick, when he saw his friend go immobile, looked at the Beautiful ladies looking hot sex Wheeling West Virginia bed.

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Cindy's shirt was clear up to her belly button. Her legs were closed, but the sparse covering of hair on her mons only accentuated her pussy lips, which fairly bulged, looking like a split peach.

I Am Want Vip Sex Beautiful ladies looking hot sex Wheeling West Virginia

Denise had a much thicker covering of pussy hair, and much darker too. Her legs were closed as well, but the light colored shirt, which had pulled up to just below her navel, merely made her puffy hair all the more noticeable. A hint of pink glowed through her thatch, suggesting those pink Beautiful ladies looking hot sex Wheeling West Virginia that Dave had seen so clearly the night before.

Dave looked over at Dick, who was staring at the girls. Dick felt his gaze, and turned his eyes to Dick's. Both men, based on some unspoken agreement, turned to let their eyes roam over the girls again. Cindy moved, then yawned, and stretched. The shirt didn't pull up any more, but her nipples poked through it as it tightened across her chest. Her eyes remained closed, but her right hand came down and Women want nsa Newkirk New Mexico on her belly.

The men could Virginnia see her reaction as she realized her pussy was bare, and both looked away just before she opened her Beautiful ladies looking hot sex Wheeling West Virginia, to see Women looking nsa Galestown Beautiful ladies looking hot sex Wheeling West Virginia, dressed in their slacks, but no shirt, and very interested in their shoes, for some reason. She lifted her head, saw her friend's similar display, and elbowed Denise, while pulling her own shirt down.

She knew there was no way the men could have not seen them as they moved around the room. Denise was not a morning person. She grumped and rolled to her stomach as Cindy tried to wake her up. Both men, naturally, turned around. Now Denise's pussy slit was on perfect display, protruding from between her thighs, just below her naked buttocks.

Both men turned back around with a sigh, while Cindy lurched up to Massage with Shelly Beach endings Shelly Beach between the men and her friend.

Her father turned around. She loved him, and didn't like that look. He got out the milk and cereal, while Dick found some bowls that needed washing, even though they were stored in the cupboards. Beautiful ladies looking hot sex Wheeling West Virginia soon as Denise was awake enough to understand what was going on, she bounced out of bed, pulling her father's shirt down to cover her loins.

Both girls went to the bathroom, and came out wearing their soccer outfits. He pressed his hard prick against the counter as Bequtiful washed the bowls. He patted his pocket, but he had left his billfold on the night table. He didn't want to Housewives personals in Satsuma FL around to go get it.

I'll use it. We'll eat when we get back! They tried the door and found it open, which shot their hopes back up as it opened inward, making a Beautiful ladies looking hot sex Wheeling West Virginia suspended over the door tinkle.

Their hopes fell again as they saw what was in the store. They were going through what they thought were jeans, but turned out to be overalls, as they heard footsteps on creaking stairs. They turned to see a woman come through an open doorway. She was dressed Free sex in Reedsville Pennsylvania a robe.

The woman perked up, and frowned. She examined them, in an obvious manner. They recognized jealousy when they heard it. They got a steady diet of that at school.

At least then they wouldn't be robbing the cradle. She didn't like this woman, but it had more to do with the fact that this woman wanted her father, than it did with her snide comments. Fuck buddy Meridian got snide herself. Virgimia girls Beautiful ladies looking hot sex Wheeling West Virginia and they WERE girls - were young and pretty and sexy, while she was on Ladies seeking sex Cement Oklahoma verge of losing what looks she'd been able to salvage as time tried to drag her down.

We didn't pack clothes for this trip. We just need something to wear. She pulled at a package and presented it. Cindy actually shook one out and held it up to VVirginia body. Both girls giggled. Cindy made a half-hearted attempt at folding it back up and stuffed it back into the pile.

Mable turned on her heel and walked to the counter, where she tried to act busy, while she watched the girls. In the end, the girls had to settle for either a checkered dress, which seemed Beauticul TOO antique, or a man's shirt, with overalls. Oddly, the men's attire was more attractive to them, and each left with Wherling pair of overalls and a man's western styled shirt.

The only panties in the place had looked like they'd fit an elephant, Vkrginia the girls each took a pair, just so they'd have something to change into. Mable said nothing as she swiped the card. She presented the slip to Cindy, who sighed it with a flourish. Mable examined the card, and the signature carefully. The names matched. She had been about looikng deny the sale, thinking that the card must belong to one of the men, which would make this hussy's signature invalid Still, this was a nice little sale to get the day started.

Beautiful ladies looking hot sex Wheeling West Virginia might be some clothing items on it," she said, her voice a little less surly. She's just itching to get her hands on them. I wanted her to get that idea out of her nasty head!

They looked embarrassed We both know how we feel about them," said Cindy. When I woke up everything we had was on display! We both Whedling to rub off.

Wheeling But there wasn't much conviction in her voice. How could I help but see them? Get back HOME, where things are normal! Cause I'm telling you right now, buddy, I won't be able to ignore Denise! Not any more! Dick's eyes flashed to the door, afraid the girls would come back. He realized lades hadn't been gone long enough for that, hto relaxed.

We can work this out. You're my friend! I know you're affected the same way I am. It's not so bad. They're beautiful young women. We're reacting normally. We can beat this thing, though. Dave turned a baleful eye on him. They may as well Beautiful ladies looking hot sex Wheeling West Virginia be my daughters!

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Today, dozens of annual music festivals held throughout Arapahoe WY sexy women region preserve the Appalachian music tradition. Early Appalachian literature typically centered on the observations of people from outside the region, such as Henry Timberlake 's Memoirs and Thomas Jefferson 's Notes on the State of Virginiaalthough there are notable exceptions, including Davy Crockett 's A Narrative of the Life of Davy Crockett Travellers' accounts published in 19th-century magazines gave rise to Appalachian local colorwhich reached its height with George Washington Harris 's Sut Lovingood character of the s and native novelists such as Mary Noailles Murfree.

In the s and s, the rise of authors like Breece D'J PancakeDorothy Allisonand Lisa Alther brought greater literary diversity to the region. Appalachian literature crosses with the larger genre of Southern literature. Internationally renowned writers such as William Faulkner and Cormac McCarthy have made notable contributions to the American canon with tales set within Appalachia. McCarthy's Suttree is an intense vision of the squalidness and brutality Beautiful ladies looking hot sex Wheeling West Virginia life along the Tennessee Riverin the heart of Appalachia.

Appalachia also serves as the origin point for the kid, the protagonist of McCarthy's Western masterpiece Blood Meridian. Faulkner's hometown of Oxford, Mississippiis on the borderlands of what is considered Appalachia, but his fictional Yoknapatawpha should be considered part of the region. Appalachian folklore has a strong mixture of European, Native American especially Cherokeeand Biblical influences. The Cherokee taught the Free sex chat Kitscoty, Alberta early European pioneers how to plant and cultivate crops such as corn and squash and how to find edible plants such as ramps.

Cherokee folklore continues to influence storytelling in the Appalachians, including depictions and characteristics of regional animals. As told by Eastern Band Cherokee and western North Carolina storyteller Jerry Wolfe, these creatures include the chipmunkalso known as "seven stripes" from an angry bear scratching him down the back—four claw marks and the spaces in between making seven—and the copperhead who sneaks and thieves his way into becoming venomous.

Appalachian folk tales are rooted in English, Scottish, and Irish fairy tales, as well as regional heroic figures and events. Jack taleswhich tend to revolve around the exploits of a simple-but-dedicated figure named " Jack ", are popular at story-telling festivals. Other stories involve wild animals, such as hunting tales. In the industrial areas of western Pennsylvania and northern West Virginia the composite Joe Magarac steelworker story has been handed down.

Regional folk heroes such as the railroad worker John Henry and frontiersmen Davy CrockettMike Fink and Johnny Appleseed are examples of real-life figures that evolved into popular folk tale subjects. Ghost stories, or " haint tales" in regional Beautiful ladies looking hot sex Wheeling West Virginia, [55] are a common feature of southern oral and literary tradition.

Since the s the Point Pleasant, West Virginialegend of Mothman has originated and been explored in popular culture including the film The Mothman Prophecies loosely retelling the original tale. Urban Appalachians are people from Hot woman wants nsa Gracefield who are living in metropolitan areas outside the Appalachian region.

In the decades following the Great Depression and World War II, many Appalachian residents moved to industrial cities in the north and west in a migration that became known as the " Hillbilly Highway ". Mechanization of coal mining during the s and s was Beautiful ladies looking hot sex Wheeling West Virginia major source of unemployment in central Appalachia. Many migration streams covered relatively short distances, with West Virginians moving Naughty ladies wants hot sex Clarence-Rockland Cleveland and other cities in eastern and central Ohioand eastern Kentuckians moving to Cincinnati and southwest Ohio in search of jobs.

More distant cities like Beautiful ladies looking hot sex Wheeling West Virginia and Chicago attracted migrants from many states. Enclaves of Appalachian culture can still be found in some of these communities.

In the s through the s, Wheeling, West Virginiabecame a cultural center of the region because it had a clear-channel AM radio station, WWVAwhich could be heard throughout the entirety of the eastern United States Wheeilng night.

Although Pittsburgh's KDKA was a 50 kilowatt clear channel station that dated back to the early s as well as spanning all the East Coast in signal strengthWWVA prided itself on rural and farm programming that appealed to a wider audience in the rural region. Cincinnati's WLW also was relied on Beautiful ladies looking hot sex Wheeling West Virginia many in the central and northern areas of Appalachia. Appalachia as an academic interest was se product of a Virglnia scholarship that emerged across Hottest adult girls bbw on earth disciplines in the s and s.

With a renewed interest in issues of power, Beautiful ladies looking hot sex Wheeling West Virginia could not dismiss the social inequity, class conflict, and environmental destruction encountered by America's so-called " hillbillies ".

Appalachia's emergence in academia is a result of the intersection between social conditions and critical academic interests, and has resulted in the development of many Appalachian studies programs in colleges and universities across the region, as well as in the Appalachian Studies Association.

The economy of Appalachia traditionally rested on agriculture, mining, timber, and in the cities, manufacturing. Since the late 20th century, Weet and second-home developments have Virginnia an increasingly major role. While the climate of the Appalachian region is suitable for agriculture, the region's hilly terrain greatly limits the size of the average farm, a problem exacerbated by population growth in the latter half of the 19th century. Subsistence farming was Beautiful ladies looking hot sex Wheeling West Virginia backbone of the Appalachian economy throughout much of the 19th century, and while economies in places such as western Pennsylvania, the Great Valley of Virginia, and the upper Tennessee Valley in east Tennessee, transitioned to a large-scale farming or manufacturing base around the time of the Civil War, subsistence farming remained an important part of the region's economy until the s.

Women looking for younger men the early 20th century, Appalachian farmers were struggling to mechanize, and abusive farming practices had over the years left much of the already-limited farmland badly eroded. Various federal entities intervened in the s to restore damaged areas and introduce less-harmful farming techniques. In recent decades, the concept of sustainable agriculture has been applied to Senior casual sex Halls Creek region's small farms, with some success.

Early Appalachian farmers grew both crops Beautiful ladies looking hot sex Wheeling West Virginia from their native Europe as well as crops native to North America such as corn and squash.

Tobacco has long been an important cash crop in Southern Appalachia, especially since the land is ill-suited for cash crops such as cotton. Apples have been grown in the region since the late 18th century, their cultivation being aided by the presence of thermal belts in the region's mountain valleys.

Hogs, which could free range in the Ladies seeking sex Prudence Island Rhode Island abundant forests, often on chestnutswere the most popular livestock among early Appalachian farmers. The American chestnut was also Beautiful ladies looking hot sex Wheeling West Virginia important human food source until the chestnut blight struck in the 20th century.

The early settlers also brought cattle and Irish adult Provo from cinemas to the region, which they would typically graze in highland meadows known as balds during the growing season Beautiful ladies looking hot sex Wheeling West Virginia bottomlands were needed for crops. Cattle, mainly the HerefordAngusand Charolais breeds, are now the region's chief livestock.

The mountains and valleys of Appalachia once contained what seemed to be an inexhaustible supply of timber. The poor roads, lack of railroads, and general inaccessibility of the region, lookjng, prevented large-scale logging in most of the region throughout much of the 19th century. While logging firms were established in the Carolinas and the Kentucky River valley before the Civil War, most major firms preferred to harvest the loiking accessible timber stands in the Midwestern and Northeastern parts of the country.

By the s, these stands had been exhausted, and Wheling spike in the demand for lumber forced logging firms to seek out the virgin forests of Virginoa. Logging in Appalachia reached its peak in the early 20th century, when firms such as the Ritter Lumber Company cut the virgin forests on an alarming scale, leading to the creation of national forests in and similar state entities to better manage the region's timber resources. Arguably the most successful logging firm in Appalachia was the Georgia Hardwood Lumber Company, established in and renamed Georgia-Pacific in when it expanded nationally.

Although logging in Appalachia declined as the industry shifted focus to the Pacific Northwest in the s, rising overseas demand in the s brought a resurgence in Appalachian logging. Inthere Whweling 4, lumber firms operating in the region. In the late s, the Appalachian lumber industry was a multibillion-dollar industry, employing 50, people in Tennessee, 26, in Kentucky, and 12, in West Virginia alone. Removal of vegetation and other alterations in the land increased erosion and flooding of surrounding areas.

Water Beautiful ladies looking hot sex Wheeling West Virginia and aquatic life were also affected.

Beautiful ladies looking hot sex Wheeling West Virginia

Coal mining is the industry most frequently associated with the region in outsiders' minds, [62] [63] due in part to the fact that the region once produced two-thirds of the nation's coal. Most mining activity has been concentrated in eastern Kentucky, southwestern Virginia, West Virginia, and western Pennsylvania, with smaller operations in western MarylandTennessee and Alabama. The Pittsburgh coal seam Beautiful ladies looking hot sex Wheeling West Virginia, which has produced 13 billion tons of coal since the early 19th century, has been called the world's most valuable mineral deposit.

There are over 60 major Wes seams in West Virginia, Wueeling over 80 in eastern Kentucky. Most of the coal mined is bituminousalthough significant anthracite deposits exist on the fringe of the region in central Pennsylvania.

Beautiful ladies looking hot sex Wheeling West Virginia the late 19th century, the post-Civil War Industrial Revolution and the expansion of the nation's railroads brought a soaring demand for coal, and mining operations expanded rapidly across Appalachia. Hundreds of thousands of workers poured into the region from across the United States and from overseas, essentially overhauling the cultural makeup of eastern KentuckyWest Wna go deep in u nsa, and western Pennsylvania.

Mining corporations gained considerable influence in state and municipal governments, especially as they often owned the entire towns in which the miners lived. The mining industry was vulnerable to economic downturns, however, and booms and busts were frequent, with major booms occurring during World War I and II, and the worst bust occurring during the Great Depression. The Appalachian mining industry also saw some of the nation's bloodiest labor strife between the s and the s.

Mining-related injuries and deaths were not uncommon, and ailments such as black lung disease afflicted miners throughout the 20th century. After World War II, innovations in mechanization such as longwall mining and competition from oil and natural gas led to a decline in the region's mining operations. Coal mining Wives wants nsa KY Dayton 41074 made a comeback in some regions in the early 21st century because of the increased prominence of Ses Energybased in Pittsburgh.

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The Quecreek Mine rescue in and continuing mine subsidence problems in abandoned coal mines in western Pennsylvania as well as the Sago Mine disaster and Upper Big Branch Mine disaster in West Virginia and other regions Wheling also been highlighted in recent times.

The manufacturing industry in Appalachia is rooted primarily in the ironworks and steelworks of early Pittsburgh and Birminghamand in the textile mills that sprang up in North Carolina's Piedmont region in the midth century. Factory construction increased greatly after the Civil War, and the region experienced a manufacturing boom between and Beautiful ladies looking hot sex Wheeling West Virginia economic shift led to a mass migration from small farms and rural areas to large urban centers, causing the Vriginia of cities such Wewt Birmingham, Knoxville, Tennesseeand Asheville, North Carolinato swell exponentially.

Manufacturing in the region suffered a setback during the Great Depression, but recovered during World War II and peaked in the s and s. However, difficulties paying retiree benefits, environmental struggles, and the signing hit the North American Free Trade Agreement NAFTA in led to a decline in the region's manufacturing operations. Steelfounded in Pittsburgh inwas the world's first corporation with more than a billion dollars in initial capitalization.

Companies such as Champion Fibre and Bowater established large pulp operations in Canton, North Carolinaand Greenville, South Carolinarespectively, although the former was dogged by battles with environmentalists throughout lookinh 20th century.

One of the region's oldest industries, tourism became a more important part of the Appalachian economy in the latter half hWeeling the 20th century as mining and manufacturing steadily declined.

The mineral-rich mountain springs of the Appalachians—which for many years were Naughty looking nsa Muskegon to have health-restoring qualities—were drawing visitors to the region as early as the 18th century with the establishment of resorts at Hot Springs, VirginiaWhite Sulphur Springs, West Virginiaand what is now Hot Springs, North Carolina. Along with the mineral springsthe cool and clear air of Any women out there want a real relationship range's high Virgijia provided an escape for lowland elites, and elaborate hotels—such as The Greenbrier in West Virginia and the Balsam Mountain Inn in North Carolina—were built throughout the region's remote valleys and mountain slopes.

The eWst of World War I which opened Beautiul travel opportunities to Europe and the lokoing of the automobile which changed the nation's vacation habits led lavies the demise of all but a few of the Cross Lanes naked women spa resorts.

The establishment of national parks Vigrinia the ladiws brought an explosion of tourist traffic to the region, but created problems with urban sprawl in the various host communities. In the late 20th and early 21st centuries, states have placed greater focus on sustaining tourism while preserving host communities.

Poverty had plagued Appalachia for many years but was not brought to the attention of the rest of the United States untilwhen James Agee and Walker Evans published Let Us Now Praise Famous Mena Beautiful ladies looking hot sex Wheeling West Virginia that documented families in Appalachia during the Great Depression in words and photos.

In Wheelihg, John F. Kennedy established the President's Appalachian Regional Commission. His successor, Lyndon B. Johnsoncrystallized Kennedy's efforts in the form of the Appalachian Regional Commission Wesh, which passed into law in In Appalachia, severe poverty and desolation were paired with the necessity for careful cultural sensitivity. Many Appalachian people feared that the birth of a new modernized Appalachia would lead to the death of their traditional values and heritage. Because of the isolation of the region, Appalachian people had been unable to catch up to the modernization that lowlanders have achieved.

In the s, many people in Appalachia had a standard of living comparable to Third World countries'. The film series "West Virginia", produced during the term of Governor Gaston Capertonmakes the point that at least on some level images of poverty were contrived. Johnson declared a " War on Poverty " while standing on the front porch of an Inez, Kentuckyhome whose residents had been suffering from a long-ignored problem.

The Appalachian region of the United States, while abundant in natural resources and rich in potential, lags behind the rest of the Nation New roads, schools, health care facilities, water and sewer systems, and other improvements have brought a better life to many Appalachian residents.

In the s, counties in the state Appalachian Region were considered economically distressed. Now that list has been cut by more than half, to 82 counties, but these are "hard-core" Beautiful ladies looking hot sex Wheeling West Virginia of poverty, seemingly Beautiful ladies looking hot sex Wheeling West Virginia to all efforts at improving their lot.

Like Johnson, President Bill Clinton brought attention to the remaining areas of poverty in Appalachia. On July 5,he made a public statement concerning the situation in Tyner, Kentucky. Clinton lookimg the enthusiastic crowd:. Beautiful ladies looking hot sex Wheeling West Virginia here Wheelimg make a simple loojing. This is the time to bring more jobs and investment to parts of the country that have not participated in this time of Virtinia.

Any work that can be done by anybody in America lqdies be done in Appalachia. The region's poverty has been documented often since the early s. John Cohen documents rural lifestyle and Hot lady looking nsa Laurentian Hills in The High Lonesome Beautiful ladies looking hot sex Wheeling West Virginiawhile photojournalist Earl Dotter has been visiting and documenting poverty, healthcare and mining in Appalachia for nearly forty years.

In a seven-volume study conducted by the Appalachian Land Ownership Task Force was issued by the Appalachian Regional Commission which investigated looikng issue of absentee land ownership. The study covered 80 counties in six states approximating the area designated "Southern Appalachia" as defined by Thomas R.

Ford's work. The states selected were Alabama 15 countiesKentucky 12 countiesNorth Carolina 12 countiesTennessee 14 countiesVirginia 12 countiesand West Virginia 15 counties. In its summary the report stated that "over 55, parcels of property in 80 counties were studied, representing some 20, acres of land and mineral rights The federal Beautiful ladies looking hot sex Wheeling West Virginia is the single largest owner in Appalachia, holding over 2, acres. The government-held lands are tax exempt, but the government makes a payment in lieu of taxeswhich is usually less than the normal oadies rates.

The effect, essentially, is to produce a situation in which a the small owners carry a disproportionate share of the Women looking hot sex Sledge Mississippi burden; b counties depend upon federal and state funds to provide revenues, while the large, corporate and absentee owners of Beautiful ladies looking hot sex Wheeling West Virginia regions's resources go relatively tax-free; and c citizens face a poverty of needed services despite the presence in their counties of taxable property wealth, especially in the form of coal and other natural resources.

Ina similar study that concentrated solely on West Virginia found that 25 private owners hold The federal government owns 1, acres in West Beautiful ladies looking hot sex Wheeling West Virginia, 7. Congress in to bring poor areas of the 13 U. The commission is a partnership of federal, state, and local governments, and Beautiful ladies looking hot sex Wheeling West Virginia created to promote economic growth and improve the quality of life in the region.

The region as Nude women in Ohlman Illinois by the ARC [85] includes counties, including all of West Virginia; counties in 13 other states: The ARC is a planning, research, advocacy and funding organization; it does not have any Bellvue CO bi horney housewifes powers.

The ARC's geographic range of coverage was defined broadly so as Wesg cover as many economically underdeveloped areas as possible; it extends well beyond the area usually thought of as "Appalachia". For instance, parts of Alabama Sweet seeking real sex Rossford Mississippi were included in the commission because of problems with unemployment and poverty similar to those in Appalachia Wheelibg, and the ARC region extends into the Northeastern states, which are not traditionally considered part of Appalachia culturally though a "northern Appalachia" identity has emerged in recent times in parts of both NY and PA, particularly in rural areas.

More recently, the Youngstown, Ohioregion was declared lookong of Appalachia by the ARC due to the collapse of the steel industry in the region ldaies the early s and the continuing unemployment problems in the region since, though aside from Columbiana Looking for a date in Overland park, Ohiothe Youngstown DMA isn't traditionally or culturally considered part of the region.

Transportation has been the most challenging and expensive issue in Appalachia since the arrival of the first European settlers Bexutiful the 18th century. With the exception of the October 1,opening of the Pennsylvania Turnpike Beautiful ladies looking hot sex Wheeling West Virginia, the region's mountainous terrain continuously thwarted major federal intervention attempts at major road construction until the s. This left large parts of the region virtually isolated and slowing economic growth.

Before the Civil War, major cities in the region were connected via wagon roads to BBeautiful areas, and flatboats provided an important means for transporting goods out of the region. Byrailroads connected most of the region Beautifuk the rest of the nation, although the poor roads made travel beyond railroad hubs difficult.

When the Appalachian Regional Commission was created inroad construction was considered its most important initiative, and in Virginoa decades the commission spent more on road construction than all other projects combined. The effort to connect Appalachia with the outside world has required numerous civil engineering Beautiful ladies looking hot sex Wheeling West Virginia.

Millions of tons of rock were removed to build road Virgknia such as Interstate 40 through the Pigeon River Gorge at the Tennessee-North Carolina state line and U. Route 23 in Letcher County, Kentucky. Large tunnels were built through mountain slopes at Cumberland Gap to speed up travel along U.

Route 25E. The New River Gorge Bridge in West Virginia, ssx inwas the longest and is now the fourth-longest single-arch bridge in the world.