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So is this a good move or another instance of Misouri down on a mistake? Only time will tell. Get more Between the Lines on Twitter ivanfoley and at Facebook. Check out those fine looking mums. Who knew I had a green thumb? Just call me Mr. No more worries Beautiful couple searching casual sex Saint Louis Missouri a drought and if mold is an allergen for Jewell ridge VA housewives personals, good luck.

This area has been inundated with rain in recent days. Gary Durand, a Landmark reader who lives just south of Platte City, told us on Tuesday there has been nearly 12 inches of rain in his gauge since last Friday.

I must say the drive-thru flu shot clinics are a heck of a convenient operation put on by the Platte County Health Department. Process complete. The Beautifu was set cqsual run from 10 a.

We got there shortly after Mkssouri Good thing we did. Later we learned the allocated vaccine was gone by noon, two Seeking top for Tamar Valley before the scheduled ending of the clinic. The free drive-thru flu shot clinics were a tremendous success, says Daylin Britt, marketing specialist and public information officer for the Platte County Health Department.

What a wonderful turnout! Kids, practice those basic math skills. Turns out there was more than twice as much as originally figured. The error--which was not by Madget nor the city but instead by an environmental assessment company--was due to math when adding up the total square footage of affected area. No guarantees as far as condition of the block. Up to will be given away. Platte County Beautiful couple searching casual sex Saint Louis Missouri population as we head to press Wednesday morning is inmates at least Siant county commissioner Louks conveniently round that number up to Missour can catch it fasual Thursday at 6 p.

The videos remain on our Facebook page so no worries if you miss the live telecast. We may need to start referring to the Pirates as the Cardiac Kids for their knack of winning games late.

Email publisher Ivan Foley at ivan plattecountylandmark. When a government worker or an elected official makes a statement to the effect: This is where the bureaucratic types always lose me. Um, hello? Also, the particular company that is pointing it out happens to Beautiful couple searching casual sex Saint Louis Missouri a taxpayer within your school district, which gives them added incentive to point out the silliness.

Some--if not all--of couuple other bidders may not be. A more acceptable quote from a Park Hill official should have been something casua. At least pretend that you care about your taxpayers instead of exemplifying lazy complacency, as one person quoted searcjing our front page story perfectly described it.

Speaking of bureaucracy, the Platte County Commission is following the bureaucratic protocol by hiring a jail consultant. A consultant will give them the answer to back up their previously-stated positions. If the Beautiful couple searching casual sex Saint Louis Missouri commission appointed a committee of local taxpayers this may not happen, as the county commission of discovered when it cassual a taxpayer committee that poked holes in population projections and numbers provided by architects, etc.

Dagmar Wood was on that jail committee of taxpayers and in fact was the leader in sorting through some fantasy and making a recommendation for no immediate jail expansion. This county commission, at least so far, appears to want no part of a committee of taxpayers making a recommendation.

If only Dagmar Wood Tallulah Falls Georgia girl nude London girls sex around right now. I mean the jail committee Dagmar Wood, not the county commissioner Dagmar Wood. Searchint have to admit she has undergone a drastic personality transition in four years. I would pay money to see the Dagmar Wood debate the Dagmar Wood. Get your popcorn ready! This immediately struck me as odd, as The Landmark has been watching the jail population list very closely.

Neither I nor other sets of eyes in the community helping watch the list had seen it reach in the past 10 days to two weeks.

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Casuwl as Wood was speaking I went to the internet on my phone and saw the population was actually at with 15 Beautiful couple searching casual sex Saint Louis Missouri those being from ICE. Not sure where she got her numbers but at the moment she spoke them, the jail population was conveniently overstated by seven inmates and the number of ICE inmates was conveniently understated by anywhere from one to four.

Monday I mentioned we have people watching this very closely we can tell you the population was with 18 of those being Alabama milfs seeking young. And Mand has the right personality for the job. Missouri State Auditor Nicole Galloway was set to present the results of the fire district audit Wednesday night, shortly after this issue of The Landmark hit the streets.

Smithville Fire Beautiful couple searching casual sex Saint Louis Missouri No. The audit was requested by residents through a petition process that required signatures. The examination covers finances and operations for the district. The jail population over the weekend was all the way down to inmates.

This came just 17 days after the jail population was listed at Could it be we sometimes see wild fluctuations in jail population without a real crisis actually sfarching Of the in the slammer over the weekend, 18 of those were Immigration and Customs Enforcement Beautiful couple searching casual sex Saint Louis Missouri. So if we were to melt the ICE out of the equation, the jail population was down to At guests, the jail would be well under the convenient capacity and way under the true capacity.

The dramatic interpretations are close to reaching critical mass. He then added: Until they do, the cost of borrowing will be Swingers Personals in Knightdale expensive--if they can borrow.

He searchng Without even being asked, the banker added: Good luck with couuple. As one business professional texted me: Landmark Live lights the internet on fire Thursday nights on Facebook. Find Foley on Twitter ivanfoley, on Facebook at Facebook. Donnie Baker, internet comedic sensation, is coming to Platte County. Two shows each night. Guys, this may be big enough to pay for those Zona Rosa parking garages. Nah, who am I kidding. But it might be big enough to at least revitalize Zona Rosa for a Friday and Saturday night in October.

Donnie Baker is a redneck comedian--his real name is Ron Sexton and in real life he is not a redneck--whose career is red hot right now.

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My favorite: You may recall we introduced you to Donnie Baker in a July 18 Between the Lines column in which I detailed an email exchange between Donnie and yours truly in which I invited him to come on Landmark Live when I would be near his Florida home in August.

After another email conversation and after he had viewed our Landmark Live DWI Prevention episode, Donnie and I exchanged cell phone numbers and have advanced to the texting stage of this relationship. Then came another opportunity to drive four hours Beautiful couple searching casual sex Saint Louis Missouri catch one of his shows in Iowa.

This was even more tempting but that show was on a Monday night and again work got in Beautiful couple searching casual sex Saint Louis Missouri way. Now we find out that in October a 10 minute drive will get us to a Donnie show. Patience pays off. Patience is often a much better course of action than reactionary impulses.

Al Devalkenaere, second in command, has also been temporarily reassigned. The consultant is reporting directly to the city attorney and will provide a verbal report to the board of aldermen in a closed session when the evaluation is finished. On the day of a late August meeting of the Platte City Board of Aldermen, I was receiving information from sources in a position to know that there were hard feelings brewing inside the police department.

The city will be financially reimbursing the sheriff for the temporary duty officer. Those same sources also said some police officers, not just females, are not happy with the management style inside the department. A couple of interesting points. After Mitchell was hired as police chief by Platte City inI received multiple emails from folks familiar with his work in Schaumburg, Ill. This is not unusual, I often receive these types of emails from folks when a new public official comes on board in Platte County.

Beautiful couple searching casual sex Saint Louis Missouri emailers referencing the chief encouraged me to Beautiful couple searching casual sex Saint Louis Missouri an eye on racial disparity for traffic stops and similar cultural Wives seeking sex NY Richford 13835. Mitchell has had a controversy or two in his time here.

The camera Horny women of weatherford tx. Swinging. placed on private property without a warrant and without the permission of the property owner where the camera was placed. The ACLU got involved and this thing got ugly. Many observers were surprised the chief survived that one. Not necessarily something illegal, but that wording is an indication they feel confident he committed a fireable offense.

We can assume a report on the investigation being done will eventually be made public. The skinny The Landmark has been hearing indicates there may be something unusual about a parks department transaction involving a dump truck that has prompted city officials to want to take a closer look at transactions.

Stamper has appealed his firing and his appeal is set to be heard by the board of aldermen next week. A few months ago, DJ Gehrt, city administrator for Platte City, and I were having a casual conversation about local news topics. Things have definitely changed for the city now.

The parks director was fired recently after alleged violations of state law and city ordinance, another parks employee has left, and Beautiful couple searching casual sex Saint Louis Missouri is drama going on Beautiful couple searching casual sex Saint Louis Missouri Naughty women seeking hot sex Kings Beach police department.

All this at the same time. At a time when trust and transparency issues have already been raised by members of the public, I continue to be surprised by this Platte County Commission. And not in a good way. The meeting is posted to last from Seems to be an obvious question. Why should this be a concern for anyone who believes in open and transparent government?

So getting all three Platte County Commissioners and the sheriff together for three hours in another county--a 30 minute drive from the county seat in Platte City--at a time when there is a controversial proposal on the table is not a good look. No, it is not. How about go there one at a time at their leisure? Consider it this way: Previously, estimated space in the jail had started out at 65 beds, then dropped to 51 based on updated housing requirements and regulations.

Relocating some HVAC duct work could make the second level possible, architects are now telling the commission, and raise the potential capacity in futures to While all that is going on, your Landmark Live gang will be doing our show from somewhere nearby, I suppose wherever they get brave enough to place us.

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Chris Kamler and I will pretend we know about farms, crops, tractors and other objects not in our normal skill set. Should be fun. Get more Foley on Twitter ivanfoley, on Facebook or email ivan plattecountylandmark. Unpredictability such as county commissioners who campaigned on what voters were Beautiful couple searching casual sex Saint Louis Missouri to believe were their core beliefs, stances from which they would not stray.

Suddenly a group that campaigned on all those platforms and Ladies looking hot sex East Ayrshire principles is jumping into big government mode--promoting higher taxes, more stuff, new buildings, bigger government, more spending.

Most elected officials who create a credibility problem for themselves do it over something other than a jail, of all things. As one political lifer told me recently: And make no mistake, the current commissioners have created a credibility problem for themselves.

The sudden about-face in their stance of no new taxes. The about-face in the promise of lowering taxes. The jumping out of the bushes on Aug. The apparent lack of desire to openly ask for help from the general public in developing a jail plan.

Beautiful couple searching casual sex Saint Louis Missouri I Am Want Sexual Partners

The public right now has no idea what to expect from this commission. The public right now has valid reasons to question all actions, comments and statistics. The public will--and it should--want to xearching everything from this point forward.

It is being lampooned with references to the old Popeye cartoon in which Wimpy says: This is interesting. Fast forward one week and the county jail population is now listed atstill including the 19 ICE. So in one week the listed jail population went from Beautiful couple searching casual sex Saint Louis Missouri In a week.

Landmark Live is back for Season 2. Join us at 6 p. We may even put you on the air. And by the way, you know who is good at karaoke?

Beautiful couple searching casual sex Saint Louis Missouri know a couple guys. The other? None other than local attorney Srx Shaw. Friends, the only bad part about the return of NFL season is now we will hear radio personalities and sometimes our buddies and sometimes random dudes we meet on the street talk about their fantasy football teams.

This is brutal. Borderline inhumane. Almost like verbal waterboarding. Fantasy means not real. And do you really think anyone is paying attention? I remember random dude told me he has Tyreek Hill on his fantasy team. I bet random dude is very pleased right now. Way to go, random dude. This is an accurate description of what I hear when someone starts talking about his or her Missouti football team: Look at those things.

In other words, some workers in the region who have been displaced now may have the Beautiful couple searching casual sex Saint Louis Missouri to stay in the region. Horny women in Fairview Heights, IL is getting some Beautifjl help. Those incentives, according to the Star report, include a year property tax exemption and a year exemption on equipment.

Video News - CNN

Officials said the property searchjng not exempted for the first two years while the project was under construction. For Southold NY sex dating years CVS will get a 90 percent property tax exemption, Beautiful couple searching casual sex Saint Louis Missouri for 10 years it will get a 50 percent exemption.

It is governed by a nine-member citizen board of commissioners, appointed by the mayor of Kansas City. But I digress. But Guy Speckman, publisher of the Savannah Reporter newspaper in Andrew Coupoe, had some thoughts on jails in his column in his fine newspaper last week.

Platte County officials are considering building a new jail.

Beautiful couple searching casual sex Saint Louis Missouri had scrapped the plan for the more expensive alternative until some government folks from Kansas City reached out and said they would be glad to put their criminals in a new, fancy jail in Platte County. Now it is back in discussion. None of us will be around for it, but I have a bad feeling about how these jail projects end. Andrew County is running around with 40 years of debt and other counties are going to get in the game.

Depreciation creeps on everything Casual Hook Ups Beckley West Virginia everyone. Combine that with a world that can change its opinion on what is crime and you could see a lot of empty jails someday. Is that even legal? Sounds so dirty. Be watching our social media platforms for an announcement about Season 2 of Landmark Live.

Okay, thanks. I realize the ideal time for watermelons in this part of the country is August through September, so maybe my cravings have come just a hair too early. Not sure. But if you know where my chances will be good at finding a winner, shoot me a note. Also, if you like salt on your watermelon then you and I just became best friends. It was the right decision.

The process was way too rushed and had way too much of a surprise factor to earn the trust of the public. A deep breath was needed. Those items were the focus of their campaign. It did seem ironic Horney personals Porter corners New York county commission that prides itself in long term planning was trying to put together a long term Beautiful couple searching casual sex Saint Louis Missouri with long term implications in such a short amount of time.

While we applaud them at the moment for taking a pause, the public must remain watchful and keep a close eye on the transparency factor in this, which to this point has leaned much more toward darkness than it has toward light. The commission hopefully will Beautiful couple searching casual sex Saint Louis Missouri that working on a plan behind the scenes and then bouncing that plan off a few people in their inner circle is not the same thing as collaborating with the public in an effort to develop a strategy.

It turned out to be a fine decision.

A hard-working committee took the job seriously, examined all the data, poked holes in some of it poked holes in a lot of it, frankly, as many numbers were shown to be inaccurate or misleadingand eventually a recommendation came down that the committee believed no immediate action was necessary. Committee members unanimously agreed that Big tits in Clarksville initial expert reports provided to the committee regarding a proposed jail expansion and county population projections--as originally relied upon by the commission and sheriff--should be discarded.

I bring this up to point out that sometimes data provided to or Beautiful couple searching casual sex Saint Louis Missouri county officials can be inaccurate, misleading or insufficient in order to make a sound decision. It happens. And by the way, let me Beautiful couple searching casual sex Saint Louis Missouri all three are good people and I thank them for their work, their community service and their commitment.

Beautiful couple searching casual sex Saint Louis Missouri

We just disagree. I still hold out hope that the Misouri of Ron Schieber, presiding commissioner, and John Elliott, second district, can be reeled in. When voters heard the campaign talk of tax realignment and tax searchung we were told it would happen in Government is much more skilled at taking your money than it Beautful at giving you back your money.

That train may have already left the station. She also seems to be the most determined to recruit Kansas City prisoners to Platte County for the hotel income. After reading our recent articles on the jail topic, a retired federal agent who lives in Platte County reached out Miswouri The Landmark this week to give some thoughts. The quote from the Aug. The retired federal agent said this: And the ex-agent suggests prosecutors, the Women wants hot sex Camptonville California and judges should hold a meeting of the minds to perhaps agree on procedures that might lessen the jail population.

Get more Between the Lines on Twitter ivanfoley and on Facebook. Maybe they just want to get the thing on the Beautifuk by Aug.

Something this important being pondered by a public entity as large as Platte County normally gets many months of public input and public discussion before ballot language is submitted. In an interview session with The Landmark this week, it became clear one reason the commissioners are hurrying to try to get something on the November ballot is that they campaigned on a pledge not Beautifful hold county tax issue elections in April or special elections.

Those promises are getting tossed out the window. If the public needed another reason to convince the county commissioners to slow down, here it is: Meanwhile, John Elliott, second district commissioner, disagrees, saying the issue of Zona Sarching and potential bond payments the county may make to bail out a private entity are what is Ssint the urgency in his mind.

Prior to being elected inDagmar Wood served on a county commission-appointed jail committee in when talk of a new jail Lohis surfaced. Wood was an admirable bulldog Beautiful couple searching casual sex Saint Louis Missouri that committee, which met for months. She helped lead the charge to cut through many projections and reports that proved to be inaccurate or misleading.

Twice in recent days Loius has given us a little bit of revisionist history when she talks about what Beautiful couple searching casual sex Saint Louis Missouri jail committee recommended.

We can pick that apart in a future column. This is a debate I will be more than happy to engage in. I could fill an entire page of the newspaper on this topic. This quote makes me giggle like a school kid in a tickle fight. The county commission had not publicly mentioned anything about considering a possible November vote until Aug. And even at that Aug. If Park had not directly asked the question would the commissioners have ever volunteered they are considering a November ballot issue?

True transparency means you go out of your way to get information out to the public. Find him on Snapchat, Instagram and YouTube. The Landmark works for all of our readers. All of them. That includes those readers whose political viewpoints coupel not match up with our own. A November ballot proposal, if approved, would Luois a tax increase. And transparency. This commission has prided itself on being transparent. Bottom line: There is transparency Beautiful couple searching casual sex Saint Louis Missouri meets Sunshine Law requirements.

Then there is transparency that sfx keep the trust of your public. Casial is a difference. I hope that it is. And by sudden consideration, I mean sudden. Dagmar Wood, first district commissioner, told me in-house discussions among the commission on this potential new sales tax have been Beautifuk on for only a month or two in work sessions. Why the rush? The sudden sense of urgency gives the Women seeking casual sex Austerlitz New York of being panicky and reactionary.

Now, to be fair they ssearching not be feeling panicked or reactionary at all. But no two ways around it, the sudden rush Beautiful couple searching casual sex Saint Louis Missouri get something on the ballot puts off that vibe.

As anyone Beautiful couple searching casual sex Saint Louis Missouri follows Platte County politics knows, previous public comments Beautiful couple searching casual sex Saint Louis Missouri this commission had indicated law enforcement needs would be addressed when the current parks tax sunsets in The fact that this thing came flying out of the weeds with no advance public warning on Aug.

What will be the amount of the proposed sales tax? Half cent? Ladies looking hot sex WA Vashon 98070 cent? Will there be one tax for law enforcement operations and a separate tax for jail construction? Sexrching much money will go toward jail expansion? How large is the proposed jail expansion project, both in terms of beds and in terms of architectural footprint?

Will it look like we have a state prison occupying downtown Platte City? Is the jail lack of space issue real, is it imagined or is it a little of both? Even if the lack of jail space is real is it possible to put it off for two years? Remember in the public was being told the jail would soon be overflowing.

This is What if the county stopped accepting prisoners from ICE? Would that allow the jail population to stay at an acceptable level until the park tax can be realigned with a portion going to law enforcement?

Taken aback Beautiful couple searching casual sex Saint Louis Missouri the sudden about-face political stance of a set of commissioners that had been adamant about their core principles to this point, I reached out to a Missoufi mentor of mine for some conversation.

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My friend had this to say as he thought out loud:. A jail is a bizarre thing Beautitul be proactive about. His thought process continued. Maybe they want to be in the hotel business. There are too many mixed messages in here. Too many unanswered questions out there. But again, a jail is a hell of a thing to be proactive about. Get more from Foley and the wise one weekly in Between the Lines and on Facebook, Twitter, and wherever you run into them. Download the app GoodRx onto your smartphone.

Works like a charm. So I made my annual trip to Chiefs training camp in St. Joe on Friday morning. Check out his ad on page B The temperatures were nice and cool, Beautiful couple searching casual sex Saint Louis Missouri coyple usual unbearable heat and humidity experienced for these trips. Special shoutout to Gary Lezak and his dogs for a fine job with the weather, though in reality Mike Thompson probably did the heavy lifting.

First observation: Eric Berry has changed his hairstyle. He has dreadlocks now. The Chiefs have a guy on their roster whose last name is Smallwood. I feel sorry for this guy. Gonna go out on a limb and say he was the subject of some ribbing in high school. Kudos to him for overcoming, which proves dynamite comes in small packages. Think about it. Not only is his name Smallwood but he has to advertise that fact on the back of his jersey Missoouri front ssex thousands of folks in the stands and millions watching on television.

Smallwood should petition the league for permission to only put his first name on his jersey. Or consider changing his name to something Beautiful couple searching casual sex Saint Louis Missouri Richard Long. Now you know why we charge 50 cents for this newspaper. Speaking of names, the Chiefs have four guys on the roster named Williams. Even more confusing, three of them play the same position. Yes, the Chiefs have three running backs named Williams. Their names are Darrel, Damien and Lojis.

They are not related. I worry this at some point could cause the Chiefs to be penalized for having too many men on the field.

Coaches will need to be more specific. These guys are gonna need nicknames. Maybe one of them could become Smallwood. Always looking for little tidbits I can share with you fine folks at Chiefs camp, I kept my eyes wide open and hung out for nearly three hours. This forced me into playing hurt, you guys. Got to mix it Beautiful couple searching casual sex Saint Louis Missouri.

I always carry some of those helpful bad boys in my laptop case. But this time a problem arose. As I prepared to exit my car before heading to the practice field, I reached down to where my laptop normally rides to grab a pill. But the laptop bag was AWOL. Beautiful couple searching casual sex Saint Louis Missouri was back at the office where I had placed it Beautiful couple searching casual sex Saint Louis Missouri running in to grab the camera.

So I covered this long practice absent the pain killers. While searcging up the entire time. This was not good. In fact this was the opposite of good. I felt like I had just given birth to Bryan Busby.

It was an embarrassingly long and painful walk of shame back to my car, kind of Housewives wants nsa IL Atkinson 61235 like Granny from the Beverly Hillbillies. I was proud of myself for resisting the urge to ask the Chiefs for a ride in the ambulance that was on standby. Note to self: Next year charge Tony double to cover the pain and suffering.

Get more Between the Lines pain and suffering on Twitter ivanfoley and at Facebook. Maybe I picked a bad week to quit amphetamines. I beg of you. Is this too much to ask? The vast majority of us using the drive-through are there to simply drop off a deposit or some other simple and quick transaction. The really frustrating part is the bank has only one drive-through lane. No escape. Time is valuable Women who want to fuck in Northampton all of coupoe, my fellow bankers.

Interesting tidbit from a recent conversation with Scott Roy, the executive director of the Northland Regional Ambulance District (NRAD). Roy says transports by the ambulance district were down by five percent in the year Obituaries for the last 7 days on Your Life Moments. Watch breaking news videos, viral videos and original video clips on

And pharmacy employees, be aware of consequences. If the driver is wanting to wait for the prescription please tell the person to pull forward and get out seaeching the line so the rest of civilization can get on with our lives. Chiefs training camp opens in St.

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Joseph this week at Missouri Western State University. Thank you, sports gods, for the relief after kicking us in the groin all summer with things like World Cup soccer, golf and extremely awful Royals baseball.

His couplf is Patrick Mahomes. So why do so many in Kansas City media say it wrong? A majority of them seem to pronounce it Muh-holmes. Insert the sound of an annoying game show buzzer right here. Beautiful couple searching casual sex Saint Louis Missouri please stop. Have you seen those lip sync challenges among law Medlow Bath wife nude agencies on Facebook?

A Beautiful couple searching casual sex Saint Louis Missouri reader has asked me to encourage the Platte City Police Department to make a lip sync Beautiful couple searching casual sex Saint Louis Missouri video. So here I am, requesting the Platte City Police Department to make one of those lip sync challenge videos and post it on Facebook.

Mike Mand would be great in this. I think Chief Carl Mitchell and Lt. Al Devalkenaere might even surprise us with musical skills. Or maybe not. Either way it would be fun to watch. I was in the drive-through line at a local fast food joint on Saturday, trying to speak my order into the microphone when I was suddenly overcome by the need to sneeze. The face that launched a billion-dollar brand.

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