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Though this may come across as exaggerated or purposefully provocative, the facts stand abou this statement. As with any societal prejudice, the roots begin to take hold at home and must be weeded out in childhood if the problem is to be fully rectified.

Celebrate the accomplishments of women who made considerable advances in STEM. Technology can be used to draw or create music or conduct research.

As girls use technology to pursue other interests, it may open a whole new world of possibility for them and channel that interest into a future career in STEM. And if your child shows a particular interest in specific STEM-related subjects — the universe, the ocean, robotics, etc.

Instil confidence thee children by praising the process, not just the outcome. And by developing these skills in young girls, you set the foundation that they can refine and channel into more formal STEM training.

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Make sure children know they can do and try anything that captures their attention and passion and try to refrain from saying certain toys or items are specifically for boys or girls. Trucks, dolls, dinosaurs, kitchen sets and tool boxes are amazing tools abou all children to play and explore with.

womaan New toys can help kids have fun with STEM, including robots that can be programmed to deliver packages or that can create a drawing. We often unknowingly and unintentionally encourage young children into stereotypic roles by decisions we make on their behalf that play into traditional expectations; being aware of that tendency is the first step in changing our behaviour to give them all the opportunity they Are there woman who get excited about. Clearly, not every young girl will be interested in a career in STEM but this is beside the point.

Housewives looking hot sex Canfield Ohio all boils down to one simple fact, which Dr Yalow articulates with precision.

Providing young girls with early STEM experiences ignites their interest at a young age, often before they are impacted by gender defined stereotypes that may try to channel them in different directions.

I'm passionate about women's issues and the things that concern soman in life, culture, business and relationships.

To read more of my work, visit my website here. I write features thege women and for women: Highlighting the women blazing a trail in business is Jan 25, Share to facebook Share to twitter Share to linkedin. Bianca Barratt Contributor.

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