Life insurance is an important piece to any financial foundation to protect you and your loved ones.

What would happen if you or a loved one passed unexpectedly today? Would you be able to afford your monthly expenses for an extended period of time? Would you be able to send your kids to college?

Life insurance is very affordable and the products continue to improve each year.  There are a number of different types of life insurance that you can use to design fit your needs.

Term Life Insurance:

Insuring you for a fixed number of years (such as 10, 15, 20, or 30). These are a fixed premium for the amount of years you choose and are very inexpensive for the amount of coverage you can purchase. When the end of the term is up, the coverage ends and so do premium payments.

Permanent Life Insurance:

These are policies designed to stay with you until you pass. There are a number of different policies that you can use for permanent life insurance coverage such as: Whole Life and Universal Life. These policies have a lot of flexibility and options that you can choose from and you can design them to fit your needs.

There are an overwhelming number of options in the marketplace for life insurance. Being a brokerage, we have a large number of companies that we represent with a variety of different products.

Give one of our agents a call today to help design a life insurance plan that fits your families needs!