Insuring your investment properly is key to preventing financial catastrophe. In being a rental property owner, there a large number of different exposures you are faced with that are different from your personal policies.

The Building

It is important to make sure the building is covered with a broad amount of physical damage coverage. There are some polices that are covered with a narrower amount of causes of loss, so it is important to make sure you get a comprehensive policy that covers a broader list of physical damage losses.

Types of Buildings we insure:

  • Rental Homes
  • Apartments
  • Multi Family Units (Duplex, Triplex, Fourplex)
  • Commercial Buildings


The most overlooked aspect of an insurance policy for a landlord is the liability. A landlord can be drawn into lawsuit just by the wrongdoing of a tenant. Just the cost to defend yourself can be a large exposure as a rental property owner. It is important to know what your liability exposures are and to make sure you have enough coverage in case something was to happen. In many cases, we recommend an umbrella or excess policy.

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